Old Xian’s Food

I had no clue Old Xian’s Food has two other locations (Richmond and Burnaby). I stumbled upon OXF and since it’s been ages since I had Northern Chinese food, it was perfect timing.




Cash or debit only (debit only when you pay $15.00 or more).


Logo right when you open the door and walk in.


We dropped in on a Tuesday evening (around 7:30pm) and it was busier than I expected. Seemed like only mainlanders were here; perfect, clearly we found the right spot for Xian cuisine. Service is decent, you just need to flag down someone when you want to order and/or pay. They even came back a few times to refill our tea (unexpectedly).


Menu is two pages: appetizers, burgers, cold noodles, lamb soups, rices, noodles and dumplings. You get your choice of noodles (thin, hand-pulled and biangbiang) and spice level (very spicy, medium and small).



Although, when they say spicy, they just mean how much chili oil/flakes you want. It’s not spicy in the heat sense (Xian style never is). There also was a Chinese only written special on the tables.

Garlic cucumbers (#3) ($4.99)
DSC03982Good crunch but it could have been more garlicky.

Xian cold noodle (#11) ($7.95)
DSC03980These came out insanely fast. Like one minute after we ordered them. The cold noodles had a chewy, elasticity to them. We asked for them very spicy which was tasty and flavourful. Only came with bean sprouts and sliced cucumbers.

Spicy oil noodle with soy sauce pork + tomato & fried egg (#31) ($9.50)
DSC03984You get a ton of fried egg. This one has a bit more heat to it (we also got this very spicy) and the spicy oil coated the noodles well.


This is how it looks when you mix everything up.


We opted for the hand pulled which were fresh and springy. They added in some edamame beans which was a nice addition.

Cheap, no frills, comfort food.

Old Xian’s Food
3510 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(778) 379-5822

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