BT Cafe

BT Cafe is another HK cafe that I’ve walked by many times but never stepped foot in. There’s parking in the back so you can come through looking like you’re a regular. It’s randomly located right out front of a bus stop so you’ll always see people sitting/loitering around outside.


Hours. Open everyday with the same hours.


We dropped by on a Tuesday afternoon (around 2:15pm) and it was decently busy for the time. There’s a TV playing in the back. Inside has tons of tables and booths.


The menu was overwhelmingly massive with noodle combos (make your own noodle bowl), choice of entree (choose any 1/2/3), western rice and spaghetti, Asian style noodles and rice, hot stone series, rice + fried noodles + pasta, Asian specialties, sandwiches and beverages.


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9).

Lemon ice tea and HK style milk tea ($0.50 each)
DSC03833It’s an extra $0.50 for a cold drink when you order an entree.

Baked rice with fish fillet, spinach & cheese (A08) ($8.75)
DSC03835I don’t order many HK dishes but this one was pretty satisfying.


Cooked well, creamy but not too cheesy. Fish was tender.

Satay fried flat rice noodle with pork toro slices (B08) ($9.25)
DSC03834Not overly sauced with a bit of vegetables thrown in for good measure. Again, satisfactory.

Simple comfort HK food. Cash only!

BT Cafe
920 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 872-3368

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