Hi Genki

Um, how have I never known about Hi Genki until D told me about it? A Japanese restaurant in an old folks home? Seems right up my alley. Look for the Nikkei Cultural Center or the signs outside beckoning you to the right spot. It’s owned by the same people that run the Fujiya empire.



We dropped by on a Sunday afternoon with the aim to meet at 11:30am. We were a tad late so had to put our name on the wait list; took about 25 minutes for a table to open up. Get there early; it’s popular.


FYI, there’s free parking underground but plenty of street parking nearby.


The inside is literally an old folks home seating area, converted into tables. Hilarious. The staff are very friendly in your typical Japanese manner.


They have a massive daily specials menu. So many choices.


There’s also the regular menu (teishoku, donburi, curry, udon, bento box, side orders and desserts).


Click here to see the full menu (1, 2 and 3).

Miso soup
DSC03785These came with a couple of our entrees. Better than most.

Pork katsu curry ($9.95)
DSC03775Deep fried breaded pork cutlet with rice and salad. My plate tasted very homemade.


The curry sauce was homey and I really liked the bits of potato and carrot mixed in. The katsu was moist, tender and breaded properly.

Seafood platter ($12.50)
DSC03777Breaded fried hoki, prawn, salmon and scallop with rice. You get a good variety of seafood! I tried a bite of each; the scallop was the winner but all pieces were crispy.

Salmon sashimi ($5.95)
DSC03778B wanted a side of sashimi. You get 5 pieces and a bit of salad. Wouldn’t get it again.

Genki box ($11.95)
DSC03780Salmon sashimi, potato croquette, teriyaki chicken, rice and miso soup.

Deluxe genki box ($14.50)
DSC03782This is the same as the genki box but with a generous portion of assorted tempura. Tried a piece of the tempura and it was excellent.

Curry udon ($8.95)
DSC03783Didn’t try this but D liked it.


A sad noodle pull effort. 😉

2x Ice cream tempura ($6.50)
DSC03788Deep fried vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce. They use corn flakes as the base. It would have been better if it was freshly fried but the vanilla ice cream was fantastic. It almost had a cheesecake texture to it. Loved it with the strawberry sauce. Two seemed excessive but we polished off both.

Homey, filling Japanese home style food. Don’t think you can go wrong with any of their curries.

Hi Genki
6680 Southoaks Crescent
Burnaby, BC
(604) 777-0533

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