John 3:16 Malaysian Delights

Malaysian is one of my favourite cuisines to eat but finding a place that does it justice is hard to find. We decided to try John 3:16 Malaysian Delights in North Vancouver. They have a second location in Richmond.


Lunch specials only available on weekdays (11:30am to 2:30pm).


Hours are pretty decent.


We dropped in on an early Friday evening. The place was decently busy with several people getting takeout.


The menu is huge with several options including appetizers, main courses, rice, noodles and dessert. Click here to see the menu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14).



The drink menu is right on the table.

Lychee juice (iced) (#11) ($3.45)
DSC03705I was hoping this would taste as good as the longan drink I had at Song Houng (a Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary) but it didn’t come close. Drink was icy and lacked lychee flavouring. At least you get four lychee pieces.

Roti canai ($7.95 for two)
DSC03706Comes with a side of curry sauce. Overpriced. They at least make the roti canai fresh and every table ordered one but it was lacklustre for me.


The sauce was missing a creamy, rich, addictive flavour.

Bak kut teh (M19) ($14.95)
DSC03709Pork ribs, mushrooms, tofu puffs and vegetables. It came with a bowl of rice and sambal sauce.



This version was different than what I’ve had but we liked it. Broth was mushroom based. Some interesting veggies including enoki and oyster mushroom, burdock and dried currant.

Kari laksa (N07) ($10.75)
DSC03713We went with egg noodles. Curry soup with curry chicken (there was a sad half piece), tofu puffs, green beans, egg, fish cakes, shrimp and bean sprouts.


We asked for it spicy but there was barely a blimp in heat. Pretty much what I was expecting. The broth was passable but no depth or complexity.

The hunt for good Malaysian food continues.

John 3:16 Malaysian Delights
1933 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
(604) 770-3833

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