The Local Omnivore

I never tried The Local Omnivore when they were strictly a food truck but now that they have their own brick and mortar shop, I’ve been twice. Located in Holland Plaza, it’s very close to where Café Linnea is situated. They are tucked away along 120 Street but don’t let that fool you. If you’re a big sandwich fan, this is on par with the likes of Sandwich & Sons.


The inside is spacious and I really enjoy the relaxed, chill vibes here.


Yup, that’s a pile of white crates stacked on top of each other.


The back has a cool area where you can scribble your name on it. There’s even a cow’s head (his name is Fernando).


The pinball machine is dope. Will have to remember to bring quarters for next visit.


You even have the option of buying their meats to take home. A mini deli area is set up front when you first walk in.



You can even buy some merch if that tickles your fancy.


I went for lunch with G on a Thursday and it was packed! He’s been here multiple times and has pretty much had everything on the menu so I let him do the choosing.



Drinks menu. Love how Blindman Brewery and Dandy Brewing are getting some love.


Trip #1
Canons ($10.00), roasted root vegetables ($6.00) and pirate spiced fries ($6.00)
DSC09273Rotating house-made sausage with malted honey mustard and mayo on a toasted cornetti. It usually comes with fried onions and citrus dressed arugula but Geezy got his sandwich sans legumes. The sausage was great – flavourful, well seasoned and tender. This is G’s favourite and I can see why.

The vegetables included rutubaga, parsnips, carrots and candied beets. Wasn’t very impressed. Lacked flavour and not worth the $6.00 price tag. The pirate spiced fries, shoestring kennebec fries with house pirate spice, were much better. Thinly cut, mildly spicy and fried nicely. A little more crispiness would have made these even better but that’s nitpicking.

Mr. Pink sandwich ($12.00)
DSC09274Smoked ham, swiss, malted honey mustard, mayo and citrus dressed arugula on toasted Russian rye. The mix of the mayo and malted honey mustard is spot on. The swiss was nicely melted and the smoked ham hit the spot. Only thing I wish was that it was a bigger portion.

Trip #2
Second time, we came on a Friday for lunch. Nothing like some day drinking.

Blindman Brewery Kettle sour #7 ($6.00)
DSC00577I’m a Blindman enthusiast and their kettle sours is one of my favourite Alberta beers. The azacca and ella was delicious. Get it.

Old fashioned ($10.00)
DSC00584Bourbon, sugar and bitters. Oh man, all we could taste was the alcohol. Way too strong.

The hamburger ($5.50)
DSC005784 oz double ground brisket with pickles and special sauce. Simple but satisfying.


We kept it OG but you can add cheese, bacon or extra patties if you want.

Brunch pirate poutine ($13.50)
DSC00583Their pirate poutine with the additions of two fried eggs and citrus hollandaise. I’m just not a big poutine fan. This brunch version was decent but again, fries could be crispier.

Citrus dressed arugula salad ($9.00)
DSC00579There was pickled daikon, candied beets and feta. We ordered it to be somewhat healthy; even out all the poutine carbs. Salad was pretty routine.

The Local Omnivore
10933 – 120 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 660-1051

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