Shiki Menya

Shiki Menya still has lineups out the door. I continue to be mind blown. Hipsters like their ramen eh? You can see my first visit here.


There’s a list out front so make sure you sign up pronto. We just missed the first seating so we had to wait inside and peer at all the people getting their food first.


The inside. Those tables on the left are beyond cramped. Basically sitting in your neighbours lap.



The menu. Oks and her hubby come her so often that they don’t even need to look at the menu anymore. Ridiculous.


Basically, classic vs. new school bowls.

Chili goma ($14.00)
DSC00107Nego, spicy chopped pork, chili oil, sesame, cashews and dried chills. Broth left me wanting more. You’d think it would be bursting with flavour with all that chill oil and dried chili. Nope. I think I prefer the chili goma at Shikiji. That being said, their homemade noodles have a good bite and firmness to them that holds up in the soup.

Veggie classic ($14.00) with two soft tamago ($1.00 each)
DSC00110Negi, greens, wakame, corn and age tofu. S’s normal order involve 2-5 tamago. Glad to see he’s toned it down and only needs two now. Haha.

Tonkotsu classic ($13.00) with extra char siu ($3.00)
DSC00109Tokyo negi, soft tamago, greens, wakame and char siu. Ok’s bowl. She always orders extra char siu. I’ve had this one before and think this might be my favourite from the ones I’ve tried so far. Broth is rich, creamy and the char siu is grilled for extra flavour.

Shiki Menya doesn’t blow me away but it’s good in it’s own way. If you’re willing to wait. Either go early when it first opens or much later. Don’t forget cash and debit only.

Shiki Menya
827 – 1 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 454-2722

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