Don’t blink now but Edmonton is getting an onslaught of Asian places opening up! I’ve never heard of BlackBall before but it’s another Asian franchise that’s making it’s way to Canada. Discovered it’s existence through Instagram; decided to give them a try on a Tuesday evening. Bonus points it’s open on the west end (same plaza as The Alibi Pub).


The inside is bright and modern with plenty of seats. The place was packed with all Asians, always a good sign (I know I keep saying this but it’s true).


The menu is broken into drinks and desserts.


Lots of variety including traditional, fresh brewed teas, cappo creamy froth teas, fresh milk, specialty, smoothies and mini cups.


The desserts options are broken into grass jelly, matcha, hot/warm, aiyu jelly and crushed ice.


They bring your order out onto a cute wooden tray platter, which you pick up at the front of the counter.

Sour plum smoothie ($5.99 large)
DSC00362Wow, I haven’t been this impressed with a drink in a long time. Sour plum smoothie was booomb. It tastes like those Asian herbal candies that you’re grandma has in her purse or at least mine did 😉 Add $0.75 for tapioca which had a great chewy bounce to them.

Matcha series (#1) ($8.99)
DSC00363Your choice of either matcha jelly or matcha pudding, rice ball, sesame mini and matcha mini. A lot of different textures going on but if you like shaved ice, it’s worth a try. I found some parts of the shaved ice wasn’t fluffy and soft (couple clumps of ice) but overall, it was good. They even threw in some grass jelly underneath that massive pile, a nice addition/surprise.


Sooooo sweet that they’ve opened a spot in the deserted west end. Perfect spot to go after dinner. I know I’ll be back frequently.

17288 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB
(780) 452-2945

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