The Punjab Paratha Hut

I’m always on the hunt for new vegetarian places to try (for a friend, I swear) 😉 Well, I came across someone’s highly touted review of the Punjab Paratha Hut and deemed it worth of a drive way out to Milwoods. I didn’t even realize that they share the same plaza as Pho Hoan Pasteur (their 3rd location) and PrimeTime donair.

The Punjab

There’s about 10 tables and is pretty casual inside. It smells amazing the moment you walk through the doors.

The Punjab2

They have a dessert display case in the back along with some bags of snacks and Indian style chips.

The Punjab3

The Punjab4

The Punjab5

The menu is completely vegetarian and has lots of options. The parathas are their specialty; Indian stuffed breads.

The Punjab6

Click to see the full menu here (12 and 3).

The Punjab10There was pickled onions, pickled carrot, jalapeno pepper and one other one we couldn’t figure out. Just try them all.

The Punjab11They brought out some papadum for us to start. These had some serious heeeeeeat to them! Quite unexpected but we liked the fire.

The Punjab12

Mint sauce was refreshing but it even had an underlying heat to it.

Gobhi paratha ($3.95) and milijuli subji ka paratha ($3.95)
The Punjab13Cauliflower stuffed bread with Indian spices and herbs (left) and mix vegetables with aromatic spices (right). These two tasted pretty similar but the onion inside both breads were great.

Paneer choley ($10.95)
The Punjab16Cottage cheese and chickpeas cooked with Indian spices and herbs. This was fantastic; bright, unique and bursting with flavour.

Dal makhani ($10.95)
The Punjab15Simmered black lentils and red kidney beans sauteed with tomatoes, ginger, onion and butter. Lentils aren’t my fav but this was well balanced. I liked how it didn’t feel heavy.

Paneer tikka masala ($12.95)
The Punjab14Paneer cooked in tomato and onion gravy. Perfectly creamy and generous chunks of paneer. Yum.

Jeera rice ($5.95)
The Punjab18Cumin infused rice. On it’s own, the rice was pretty plain but not a big deal when you combine it with the sauces.

Palak paratha ($3.95)
The Punjab21Leafy spinach stuffed bread with Indian spices and onions. I liked how they stuffed these quite generously with spinach.

Dhaniya paratha ($3.95)
The Punjab22Cilantro and onion stuffed bread with Indian spices and herbs. Jboi liked this one so much he ordered it for a second round.

Friendly, fast and delicious food. Great to see an Indian place that sets itself apart from the others in town. We’ll be back!

The Punjab Paratha Hut
6574 – 28 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 250-1881

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