Saffron Indian Cuisine

Saffron Indian Cuisine has been on my radar to try ever since I read about it in the Edmonton Journal. Oops, that was half a year ago. This little plaza has a ton of great spots including TeaCup2Go, Mi Casa Market and Wing Chicx, which are hidden on the back side of the building. You’ll spot Saffron from the main road.


We came on a Monday evening and had six people in our group meaning we could try sooooo many things! The inside is modern, bright and spacious; we were seated at the only round table but it was perfect for sharing. The menu has everything. Click here to see (1 (1a/1b closeups), 2345 and 6). Apparently, they have a great lunch combo.

I read reviews complaining about service but it was beyond fine when we went. Our waitress was great and checked on us throughout our meal. She even asked what level of heat we wanted (medium for my table mate weaklings).

Tandoori veggies ($14.00)
DSC00179Fresh cut veggies cooked in clay oven. This came out sizzling; I only got to try one broccoli piece but it was good. It even had some heat to it; this was probably the “spiciest” dish.

Paneer tikka (dry) ($14.00)
DSC00180Yogurt and spice marinated cottage cheese with sliced onion and peppers. I’m not normally a huge paneer fan but these were hella good. Also came out on a sizzling platter. Something about frying cheese makes it extra flavourful.

2x Coconut stuffed naan ($4.00)
DSC00185Couple types of stuffed naan options to choose from. We tried out two kinds but the best was the coconut. Addictively good. GET IT. It was perfect on its own or dipped with any of the sauces. Easily everyone’s favourite of the night.

Spinach stuffed naan ($4.00)
DSC00186The other stuffed naan we tried was the spinach. Good amount of spinach.

Coconut rice ($6.00)
Coconut rice was very coconuty and aromatic; this was gone quickly.

Karela masala (bitter gourd) ($14.00)
DSC00181Chopped bitter gourd sautéed in Indian spiced tarka. FYI bitter gourd = bitter melon. Bitter melon is great; only other place I’ve seen it in town is at Sambol.

Matar mushroom ($14.00)
DSC00182Mushroom and cottage cheese with green peas in tomato gravy. This one I found pretty plain but the sauce was tangy sweet from the tomatoes.

Bhindi masala ($14.00)
DSC00183Okra sautéed with sliced onion and sundried tomato. Can never go wrong with okra when it’s done right.

Lamb masala ($18.00)
DSC00184Boneless lamb coated in house herbs and spices. The only meat entree we ordered but it was a very generous portion; the lamb was well seasoned and tender. Yum.

Vegetable biryani ($13.00)
DSC00187The vegetable biryani was pretty simple and subtle in flavour but I liked the chunks of tomato in it.

Dal makhani ($13.00)
DSC00189Creamy smooth black lentils in a tomato base. There was also some kidney beans thrown in for good measure. I can’t say I’m a huge lentil fan; it’s quite heavy compared to the other dishes we ordered.

Plain tandoor roti ($2.00)
DSC00188Whole wheat grain cooked in the clay oven. This was pretty basic compared to the stuffed naans but had a chewier texture.

Moong dal halwa ($8.00)
DSC00190Sweetened yellow lentil and mixed nuts. This is one of Saffron’s special desserts so you know we had to try it. Texture was great; it was like an Indian version of corn bread but much lighter, moister (you can taste the butter) and a nice sprinkling of pistachio and sliced almonds.

Kulfi falooda ($6.00)
DSC00192Homemade Indian ice cream. There were some fresh strawberries, a noodlesque topping (reminded me of Vietnamese chi desserts) and ice cream underneath. The ice cream was a bit icy but it didn’t distract too much.

Everything was fresh, light and tasty. Our bill was very reasonable given how much we ordered. We’ll be back to tackle the rest of the menu.

Saffron Indian Cuisine
469 Parsons Road
Edmonton, AB
(780) 490-7088

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