Sunshine Vietnamese

Don’t you hate when you mess up dinner plans? Oh, is that just me? Well, my bad. O and I had plans but our meet up time was off. That meant we were rushed and needed somewhere close to eat on the SE side of town. Lucky for us, her husband recommended Sunshine Vietnamese. This is only the third time I’ve had Vietnamese while I’ve been in town so I wasn’t sure what to expect.


We came on a Saturday evening around 7:00pm and they were fairly busy. Read some things about their service being bad but we didn’t have any issues. Looked like it was family run and the son was a nice guy, checking up on us several times and making sure we were happy.


The menu is quite large so I only took photos of a few items on the menu (aka. the parts where I’d order from). Click here to see (12, 3 and 4).

Shredded pork (#16) and prawn salad rolls (#17) ($4.50 each half order)
DSC09868Shredded pork/prawns with vegetables in a rice wrapper. These were pretty typical and didn’t leave any impression on either of us.


The peanut sauce had a bit of hot sauce added to it. Never seen this before but I like it! Oks was too much of a baby to try it so she got the waiter to scoop it out for her hahaha.


The usual sides of Thai basil and bean sprouts.

Rare beef and brisket noodle soup (#23) ($10.25)
DSC09870Slices of rare beef with chunks of brisket with wide rice noodles and vegetable garnishes. This was O’s bowl, I don’t remember trying it but she wolfed it down.

Satay beef noodle soup (#29) ($11.25)
DSC09871Barbequed beef in a special broth with flat rice noodles and vegetable garnishes. Now this satay was LEGIT. It’s been awhile since I’ve been impressed with pho lately but Sunshine’s bowl had depth, deep rich flavour and was even spicy. Even the beef was top quality; there was something they did to their meat to make it succulent, tender and memorable. I was very happy with my bowl.

I’d happily come back to Sunshine Vietnamese to try some of their other soup offerings but you seriously cannot go wrong with the satay. Freakin’ bomb.

Sunshine Vietnamese
380 Canyon Meadows Drive SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 271-2214

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