Pho Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

Natdogg is back in town so we met up for a quick lunch Monday afternoon. There’s a lot of random Vietnamese places on 97 Street that I have yet to explore so we decided to check one out: Pho Song Houng. She used to frequent this one quite often but this was a few years ago. They focus on more Central Vietnamese dishes.


The inside is your run of the mill, typical Vietnamese joint with tons of table and booth seats. We were the first people there at noon but more groups started to trickle in around 12:30pm. I was kind of surprised how unbusy it was but the clientele was an interesting mix of ethnicities.


Menu is standard: appetizers, vermicelli bowls, rice, pho, chef specials and beverages. Click to see the menu here (1, 23, 4 and 5). One thing I noticed was that their pho ga comes with deep fried chicken. Sounds legit.

Banh loc (#3) ($7.95)
IMG_102710 pieces of Vietnamese hue steamed dumplings. These were great; it had a chewy and sticky consistency that was delightful.

Bun bo hue (#5) ($10.95 large)
IMG_1029Hue beef shank, pork leg slices with thick vermicelli in spicy soup. Natdogg usually gets the BBH here so I wasn’t going to miss out on trying it either. You get the slightly thicker round noodles and a variety of meat. Portion size was decent. The broth was just average for me; didn’t have a lot of depth and lacked flavour. Doesn’t really compare to the better BBH bowls in the city.

Song Houng is open 7 days a week so it’s got that going for it. Decent spot.

Pho Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant
12929 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 478-1557

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