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Soooo I’m sure by now that you’ve read/heard about this article by Conde Nast Traveler claiming Edmonton to be one of the top cities in the world for pizza? Mind blown? Mine sure was. Well, I don’t go for pizza very often because I don’t think the pizza options are that great in town but hey, might as well continue the search right? Cue in Rosso Pizzeria, which I’ve never been to, which specialize in thin crust pizzas.


Not sure why they have a sign out for their Monday – Friday special…


We came on a Sunday for dinner and I was surprised to see that the place was fairly busy. Jboi and L were already there waiting for me so by the time I sat down, we already had an appetizer on the table. Excellent because I was famished from soccer. The inside is sleek, urban and modern and you can peer into the back to see the pizza oven. The bar is stuck smack in the middle of the restaurant; it gives off a segregated, almost cramped feel to things, which is quite unfortunate.


There’s a display case up front that houses a few pastries and gelato. Oh man, GELATO! A small will set you back $4.75 while a large is $6.20. They also have waffle cones for $0.75 extra.



You can even get said gelato to go. Two sizes ($12.00 small and $22.00 large).


The menu is pretty standard; zuppa, antipasti, insalate, pizzas (rossa and bianca) and pasta. They have a couple specials on a chalkboard; the fettuccine carbonara sounded good but we were too focused on the pizzas first go around.



There’s also a separate dessert menu. Don’t forget about it.


Mozzarella bufala ($15.00)
IMG_0880Santa Lucia buffalo mozzarella, roasted peppers, sea salt and olive oil. I wish they would have warmed up and toasted the crostini. The mozzarella bufala was smooth but you only get four pieces. For the price, I would pass on it.

Margherita ($14.00)
IMG_0887San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, pecorino romano cheese and fresh basil. The margherita tells a lot about whether a pizzeria is legit. Rosso’s version was decent but the middle of the pizza was soggy and the sauce wasn’t well balanced.

Funghi misti ($17.00)
IMG_0888Roasted wild mushrooms, mozzarella fior di latte, taleggio cheese, roasted garlic and fresh parsley with white truffle oil. You can instantly taste the white truffle oil, which everyone loved.

Kale saltati ($16.50)
IMG_0886San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, kale, roasted garlic and onions, roasted wild mushrooms and artichoke topped with house-made ricotta. The artichoke was nicely roasted and added a sweetness to the pizza. The ricotta didn’t add much though, it was almost tasteless.

Di mama ($16.50)
IMG_0884San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, roasted wild mushroom, kalamata olive, oregano and basil. This one was more “herby” but I appreciated the nice balance of flavours.

The crust for all the pizzas were light, crispy and had a good chewy texture to them. Only the margherita was soggy in the middle but I wish they had spread out the pizza more evenly for us rather than all four pizzas coming out at once. They get cold fast. I also wish they made the slices more uniform. I guess they’re going for a “rustic” feel but each piece should be around the same size…

Coconut, cherry garcia and pistachio gelato
IMG_0896For dessert, we decided to all get gelato. Best decision ever. I counted 14 types and we sampled a couple before deciding although I should have been smart and asked to get half and half to try more flavours! Oh well, there will definitely be a next time for dessert. I believe I’ve finally found a solid place to get dessert. The pistachio was unreal and I was pleasantly surprised by my cherry garcia. You can tell the gelato is freshly made with real ingredients. I tasted real pieces of coconut, cherry and pistachio in each flavour. Excellent.


While the food was good, like everything in Edmonton, Rosso Pizzeria is overpriced. Their lunch pizzetta deal ($9.50) is half size but much more reasonable. Other than that, go and get the gelato. Perfect spot to grab dessert! I’ll be back for that.

Rosso Pizzeria
8738 – 109 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-5382

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