Commodore Restaurant

Let’s keep this Commodore Restaurant review short and sweet. If you haven’t been before, it’s a throwback to old school diners. It’s an institution really as it’s been open since 1942, yet I’ve never been! Prices are ridiculously cheap which almost makes you wonder how they make money.


The inside is very diner-esque with old school stools and tables to sit at. We came on a Wednesday for dinner and there were only a few solo diners. A few interesting characters to say the very least.


There’s also a lot of specials to choose from. Breakfast specials go till 11:00am.


Lunch specials.


The specials of the day had a couple more options on top of the luncheon ones offered.


Regular menu is your typical soups, sandwiches and PIE. We’ll take about the pie later. Our waitress told us the first four soups listed are canned, their clubhouse sandwich is very popular and the hot turkey sandwich is made with real turkey. Our waitress was great. She’s one of those servers that’s been working in the industry forever; old, charming and genuine.


There’s Chinese dishes on the menu…let that sink in for a bit. Steaks and chops, fish and salads round things off. The back page is all about breakfast. The hot cakes sound promising. Click here to see the full menu (1, 2, 3 and 4). We went with three specials and all of them came with either a soup or dessert (scoop of ice cream).

Homemade soup
IMG_0948Like a minestrone soup minus the pasta/rice. Good enough to whet our appetite.

Egg roll, sweet and sour ribs and chicken fried rice ($8.75)
IMG_0950First special to come out was the Chinese one. Litaly wasn’t a fan of the chicken fried rice – it tasted like they didn’t use a wok to cook it? By that, I mean it was a fried rice that you’d make it home yourself. The egg roll was actually better than expected – massive but crispy and a good filling. The sweet and sour ribs were reasonably decent. Overall, I wouldn’t go out of my way to order any Chinese dishes but if you’re craving it, at least the chef is Asian…

Breaded pork cutlets ($8.75)
IMG_0949The breaded pork cutlets were better; mushroom sauce was good and we liked how it was lightly breaded. Litaly was a big fan of the side of coleslaw. It was a little more tangy than other ones. The mashed potato was pretty bland and more like filler.

Fried sole fillet with lemon ($8.50)
IMG_0952The fried sole fillet was fried nicely but desperately needed some sort of sauce. The lemon didn’t add much. The fries were the better option over the mashed potatoes (your two choices). They came out hot and crispy.

Strawberry rhubarb pie and blueberry pie ($2.95 each)

Okay, on to the pies! This was definitely the best part of our meal. Our waitress added a generous scoop of ice cream to both which was a nice touch. Plus, they warm them up to give them a little crisp.


Both were good. The blueberry tasted like the real thing and was my favourite of the two. The strawberry rhubarb was much sweeter.


Cash only. Glad I finally tried out the Commodore. Not sure if I’ll be running back but if I want something dirt cheap downtown, you could do worse. Maybe I’ll come try their breakfast next.

Commodore Restaurant
10712 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 423-3954

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