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Pure vegetarian places are a hard thing to find in meat centric Alberta. Loma House is one in town that caters to the vegetarian crowd. Located in the same plaza as The Burger Joint, Loma is located waaaaaaaaaay on the south side. Let’s be honest, 23 Ave is far unless you’re shopping at South Edmonton Common. I’ve been meaning to check out Loma for the past year or two so with Jboy and L converting to vegetarianism, now seemed like the perfect time.


We came on a Friday evening and even though it was only 7pm, people were already wrapping up their (early) dinners. I guess south siders like to dine early? That or maybe it’s because Loma’s closes at 8:30pm! Yeesh, so early.


The inside looks bright and brand new (it should as they did a renovation in October).


The menu is long, in typical Asian fashion. Interesting that they serve dim sum here but I would be pretty skeptical about ordering anything from that part of the menu. We decided to share a couple dishes.

Great burdock ($4.00)
DSC09691Made from burdock, this tea is considered a blood purifier. Burdock is a type of root vegetable that I can only describe as having a woody, earthy aroma. The tea was excellent and went very nicely with our meal. That little flame underneath managed to keep our tea surprisingly warm.

Party platter ($22.00)
DSC096924 veggie spring rolls, 4 veggie shrimp rolls, 3 satay kebabs and 3 roti. Jboy wanted to get a party platter so that we could sample a bit of everything. I never find these platters to be of good value – they always seem to be overpriced.


Alas, I will say my favourite out of the four items were the satay kebabs. The roti was pretty disappointing. The sauce lacked fire, depth, flavour that you expect if you know good Malaysian. The roti also was missing a crispy, flaky texture.

Spicy eggplant ($13.00)
DSC09695Eggplant, carrots and snow peas in a spicy sauce. Eggplant is my fav. I wouldn’t really call these spicy; it was quite mild. Passable.

Shanghai noodles ($11.00)
DSC09694Thick noodles lightly tossed with shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms and carrots. Again, this dish was decent but missing wok hei. The noodles didn’t have any spring or bite to them.

Spicy tofu clay pot ($14.00)
DSC09697Tofu cubes, glass noodles, napa cabbage, broccoli, snap peas and carrots simmered in a spicy satay sauce. Served with purple rice. This was easily the best dish of the night.


Glass noodles were on point with nice chunks of tofu. The sauce was great, it reminded me of this Chinese mushroom sauce my grandma used to make in some of her dishes.


Nothing wrong with Loma but if I’m going to eat at a strictly vegetarian place, I’m not driving out of my way to come here. If you’re in the area or live deep south, then it’s fine. Otherwise, Veggie Garden is a clear winner in my books. Their price point and flavour can’t be beat.

Loma House Vegetarian Food
9142 – 23 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 466-8391

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