Golden Dumpling Restaurant

For some reason, Edmonton doesn’t have a dumpling only spot. Golden Dumpling Restaurant is what will hopefully be a good start to break that trend. Housed at the former King’s Hot Pot, no idea why they decided to change directions/vision but they probably needed a change.


Hours are pretty typical. 11:00am to 9:00pm everyday except closed Tuesday’s (obvi).


The decor hasn’t changed one bit but at least the booths are comfy and well spread out. We came on a Sunday evening and it was pretty empty.


The menu is tucked away into a little black book.


Appetizers and a few select options that for some reason aren’t listed on the menu but are pictured to the left.


Special cold dishes.


Hotpot rice and handmade dumplings! You got me at handmade.


Handmade steamed stuffed buns.


Handmade noodles.


The ordering was left into my (capable) hands so of course, I tried to sample a bit of everything and then some.

Spicy tofu skin (S.6) ($2.99 small)
IMG_0760We tried one of the cold dishes, spicy tofu skin, which didn’t taste like much but it did have an interesting texture to it.

Handmade green onion cake ($5.75)
IMG_0772Sorry for the picture by Jboi couldn’t wait and grabbed a slice. This green onion cake was great; much more flatter, denser and crispier than you’d normally find around town.

House special soyabean pasta noodle (N.6) ($11.25)
IMG_0761We got the soyabean pasta noodle dish with spinach noodles. Sounded like it might be similar to the ones you get at Noodle Feast but it wasn’t even close. The noodles lacked that chew and elasticity that you want from homemade noodles.

Wonton soup (N.7) ($10.25)
IMG_0762You get twelve shrimp and pork wontons. I rarely order wonton soup but the table wanted it so I obliged. The broth was light but had a nice sweetness to it while the wontons hit the spot.

Spicy tom yum king seafood noodle soup (N.3) ($12.50)
IMG_0764The spicy tom yum soup fared a little better than the soyabean one but only by a slight margin. The rest of the table liked it but I thought the broth was lacking in spice and depth. We tried the wide noodles with this dish and the result was the same. No chew and spring to them.

Lamb & carrots (D.5) ($12.59)
IMG_0766We got the lamb and carrot dumplings steamed, which are my favourite. I’m not sure when I become a fan of steamed over pan fried but it must be because you really get to taste the inside. No things to distract you other than the main event. This was easily my favourite dish of the night. Get it.

Pork & cabbage (D.1) ($10.50)
IMG_0767It’s an extra $1.50 to get your dumplings pan fried but obviously, you need to try one of each. Plump, juicy and the skin holds everything nicely together.

2x Pan fried Chinese chive buns (B.4) ($7.95)
IMG_0769You get three per order so we doubled up. These I enjoyed as it reminded me of the ones I ate at the defunct Northern BBQ House. Chivey, juicy goodness. Watch out, they come out hooooot.

Spare ribs in black bean sauce on rice (R.2) ($11.50)
IMG_0773The spare ribs was pretty basic and didn’t do much for me. The rice was plain and desperately needed the accompanying side of sauce to give it some flavour. I would pass on it.

Order any of the dumplings then take a few risks and try something you’ve never had before. Hope to see more dumpling places pop open soon.

Golden Dumpling Restaurant
10939 – 101 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 498-0988

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