Afghan Chopan Kebab

Afghan Chopan Kebab is another place that doesn’t get much, if any, of the limelight. It blows my mind how so many hidden gems are in town, yet every time I go to one, it’s empty. This visit back in the summer was no different. Maybe because it was an early Tuesday evening? No clue.


I love what they’ve done to the front as there’s now a couple tables outside to sit and enjoy the food. I kind of wish that this faced the back of the building instead of the front where all you get to see is the endless amount of cars zooming by but that’s beside the point. It’s awesome to be able to sit outside now.


The menu’s have got a nice upgrade since my original visit. Love how there’s an accompanied picture for each dish.


Closeup of the entrees.


Closeup of the appetizers. They have mantu here. Will need to try next time!


Side dishes and beverages to round things out.

Spinach boulany ($9.95)
DSC07769Whole wheat crust stuffed with spinach and spices. Pan fried and served with yogurt and dry mint. These could have been a bit more crispy but the inside was flavourful and nicely stuffed with spinach.

Kebab platter ($39.99)
DSC07767A mixed variety of skewers of chicken, beef and seekh kebabs. Two patties of chaplee kebab and three pieces of chicken legs marinated with herbs and special spices. Comes with a small rice and fries. The description fails to mention it also comes with a side of salad AND samosa’s. Huge amount of food. Come hungry, really hungry.


I believe the kebab platter (regularly $45.95) is on special Monday and Tuesday, which is an incredibly good deal. Even though I had this on my first visit, Jboi and L couldn’t say no to getting it.


What can I say about the kebab platter that I haven’t said before? Delicious, aromatic rice. Crispy fries worth eating. Meat on meat on meat. Seriously, you’ll be carnivored out by the time you finish with this platter. My only wish is that they gave more of the accompanied sauces, but you can always ask for more.

Fresh fruit

We wanted to try their baghlava but they were out for the day. Our waiter/owner was the nicest guy and brought out some fresh fruit and a dessert that I have no clue would be called. A nice mix of pineapple, grapes and honeydew. The honeydew wasn’t ripen enough but c’est la vie.


Like I said above, I’m not sure what this was called but it was tasty. Almost like a custard/rice pudding.

Next time you’re in Chinatown and looking for a new place to eat, give ACK a go. Delicious.

Afghan Chopan Kebab
10756 – 101 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 757-1777

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