Trung Nguyen

Trung Nguyen is a tiny Vietnamese spot inside the Far East shopping centre. It’s in the same centre as Auntie’s Chinese Burger which in my books, is a good sign.


A regular bubble tea costs $5.00. Kind of weird that there’s no sign for their bubble teas. I came on a Sunday afternoon and was the sole customer. There are a few tables outside where you can eat but I presume most people do a quick grab and go.



Closeup of their bubble tea flavours.

Trip #1
Avocado mango ($6.00)
DSC05093This was my first time so I had to get my go to bubble tea combo. They charge an extra $1.00 to get a second fruit. The toppings are limited so don’t bother asking for grass jelly or other “fancy” toppings. The lady almost freaked out on me (aka. ranting that they don’t make any “fancy” drinks) but I let it slide because the drink turned out better than expected. I was pleasantly surprised and vowed to come again.

Trip #2
Assorted cold cut banh mi ($5.50)
TN6TN’s banh mi’s range from $5.50 to 8.00. I went with the classic assorted cold cut and took this all the way back home to eat for dinner later. Popped it into the toaster oven and it was good as new.


They gave me the works and everything was spot on except they were a little heavy handed on the mayo.

Mango bubble tea ($5.00)
TN5I decided to try a regular mango. Originally, I was going to pass on a BBT because one of the workers said they were out of pearls but he checked with one of the ladies and she had a bit leftover. MISTAKE right there. Never get the bottom of the barrel pearls. It wasn’t all bad but there was a bunch of pearls that were hard, frozen and just plain gross. The mango also tasted like some type of orange juice was mixed in with it. So I was tasting more of that then the supposedly fresh mango.

This place is what it is and by no means am I judging it harshly. It’s fast, cheap and perfect if you want banh mi to go but I’m on the fence when it comes to their bubble tea. Cash only!

Trung Nguyen
132 3rd Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 266-0728

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