Dang Good Restaurant

Some restaurants I don’t understand. Dang Good is one of them. Even though I’ve only been here once, it’s been crazy busy during both of my lunch visits. After a failed attempt to go for lunch at Shanghai 456 (they were randomly closed for 3 days), we decided to hit up nearby Dang Good.

It still blows my mind how pricey their menu is compared to all the other Vietnamese joints in town. I complained about this last time but it still irks me. Service is friendly but slooooooow. Took awhile for them to take our orders and even longer to get our bowls. Another couple that came in after us got their bowls before we did. I’m guessing they were regulars.

Pho beef saté ($11.95)
DSC09624Spicy peanut saté soup with rice noodle, beef fillet, shredded cucumber, diced tomato, roasted peanuts, onion and cilantro. The broth was a little weak when I took a first sip but grew on me the more I ate. The addition of cucumber and tomato is different and adds a bit of sweetness to the broth. The spiciness is spot on.

Coconut seafood soup ($13.95) with noodles ($2.50)
DSC09625Coconut soup with prawns, scallops, mussels, squids, imitation crab meat and mixed vegetables. That’s right, you have to pay an extra $2.50 for noodles! WTF. For a bowl that’s already costing you $13.95, you’d think the noodles would be included. Nope. Aside from the price, the broth reminded me more of a Thai style soup than a Vietnamese one. Quite sweet and while the coconut is prominent, my mom wasn’t loving her bowl. She was also disappointed with the fake crab being used rather than the real thing but let’s be real, I can’t think of a single place in town that uses real crab.

Pho seafood ($13.95)
DSC09627Chicken broth served with rice noodles, prawns, scallops, mussels, squid and imitation crab meat. They seem to skimp on the amount of seafood. My dad said it was decent but that he’s had better.

Not going to lie, the higher price point discourages me from coming back. DG is a decent spot but nowhere near my top choices in town when I want to eat Vietnamese food.

Dang Good Restaurant
13308 – 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 756-3264

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