The Woodrack Cafe

The Woodrack Cafe has been open for over a year now but I’ve never been able to check them out with their condensed hours. Luckily, they changed that a few months ago so one cold Saturday afternoon, we decided to drop in for a drink. Holy crap, it was packed! All the tables/sofa’s were full but luckily, we were able to snag a table after we ordered.


The inside is beautifully decorated and gives the place a very warm, inviting vibe. Just another spot that has those vintage bulbs on display that I keep seeing everywhere. The couch area looks like the coziest/best spot to snag but those must disappear instantly. I also really liked the patio they have outside with two picnic tables. Perfect spot to chill in the summer.


Like I said above, the hours have expanded. Even open till 9:00pm on Thursday and Friday nights.


Gotta love the take a book, leave a book concept. I’ll have to remember to bring one next time!


Food menu. Whoopie pies are their speciality but you can also get samiches, soups, baked goodies and some other snacks.


Pastry case full of goodies. I don’t like how there’s no prices displayed though.


Drink menu. Both hot and cold drinks available.


Cinnamon raisin bun ($4.00)
DSC09535Nice touch how they warmed up the bun before serving it to us but the inside was too dry for my liking. We didn’t finish the bun if that’s an indicator.

Americano and caramel apple cider (16oz) ($4.25 each)
DSC09533B went with an americano while I tried out their caramel hot apple cider. The caramel hot apple cider tasted like hot apple juice. Holy crap, it was soooooooooooo sweet. I swear I remember reading someone else’s review saying the exact same thing. Get something else!


The mugs are coooooool though.

Overall, I’m a bit puzzled on what way to go with this. I wasn’t a huge fan of what we got but I think I would come back for the bohemian, chill vibe. If you’re a coffee shop hound, check them out. Perfect spot to laze around on a weekend or to bring a date.

The Woodrack Cafe
#101, 7603 – 109 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 757-0380

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