Simit House

I’ve been saving a trip to Simit House for when O is back in town but I’ll just have to go with him another time. I ended up visiting twice within a week’s time because the food there is gooooooood. I’ll have to slowly work my way through the menu.



Did I mention they have an awesome patio too? Perfect for Whyte Ave people watching and there’s a few umbrellas to cover you from the elements. It’s located between Beercade and Nudoru. We came on a Friday after tennis and there were a couple tables occupied. Second time, we came for a late Saturday dinner and it was dead. I do like that they’re open late Friday and Saturday (till 11:30pm).


Couple Turkish drinks. That Turkish apple tea sounds pretty legit.


Baklava. I didn’t realize originally but they have two types of baklava to choose from: baklava ($2.00) or homemade baklava ($1.00)! No idea why you would pick the former when homemade is better and cheaper!


The simit (bagel) look delicious. I’ll definitely try one of their simit sandwiches next time.


I’m not 100% certain but I think these are a variation on pogacas? They look awesome. Stuffed with cream cheese and parsley.


Couple types of acma (tahini, olive and nutella) which are Turkish soft style bagels.


Lentil koftas, potato borek, homemade dolmas, beef borek and parsley pogacas. All sound good to me.


Couple more specialty desserts to round things out. Those apple tart looks like a mini donut while the kazan dibi is a type of caramelized milk pudding.




Menu is in a cool flipbook fashion.


The simit sandwiches look so good. Couple breakfast sandwiches too.


This is where it’s at. Lahmacun, gözleme and Turkish pide.


Tons of kebab options. You can also get them in wrap form.


Lahmacun ($4.99)
DSC09186Crispy wrap with minced meat and vegetables enriched with red pepper and tomato paste. Served with parsley, onions, tomatoes and lemon. I don’t know what spice they throw on their onions but it’s like crack!


The lahmacun itself is simply delicious. Seriously, there’s only a couple ingredients in it but it’s got it all. Crunchy, flavourful and a complete steal at $4.99.

Adana kebab ($16.99)
DSC09188Ground lamb and beef mixed. Served with bulgur, fries and salad. Everything on this dish is delicious. There’s two sauces (a mildly hot mayo aioli and a light cream sauce) if you want to dip your kebab, pita or fries in. The adana was well seasoned, flavourful and tender. Bulgur is perfect and icing on the cake are those pickled red cabbage.

Homemade baklava ($1.00 each)
DSC09196We originally tried to order their baklava with ice cream ($4.99) but they were out of ice cream. So we settled on their homemade baklava instead. Super fresh, light and not too sweet. Perfect.

Adana kebab ($16.99)
DSC09256They were out of the kafta kebab so to please our one bud’s request, we ordered the adana kebab. Just as good as the first time I had it.

Lamb shish kebab ($18.99)
DSC09257Same accompaniments as the adana kebab (bulgur, fries and salad). The lamb was good but it didn’t blow me away like the other kebabs we ordered. Perhaps the way to go is the lamb chops?

Iskender kebab ($15.99)
DSC09258Thinly grilled beef basted with tomato and pepper sauce over pieces of pita bread and yogurt. Served with grilled pepper and tomatoes. This reminded me of donair meat covered in a pretty simple but flavourful tomato sauce. The pita bread added a nice texture to the dish. Grab a bit of both and dip in the yogurt and you’re good to go.

Gözleme ($8.49)
DSC09259Turkish flatbread made of rolled dough lightly brushed with butter and eggs. We choose the spinach and cheese option. The gözleme was sooooo good. They grill it at the end which gives it a nice crispy bite. The inside was oozing with cheesy goodness. Everyone was fighting for an extra piece to inhale.

Manti ($9.99)
DSC09261Turkish tortellini with beef. Served with yogurt, garlic and sauce. This was my first time trying Turkish pasta and it was an eyebrow raiser. The sauce tastes just like ayran: the yogurt sauce is sour. Most of my table meats weren’t fans except for Litaly. He enjoyed it, most likely because the tortellini are on the hard side of al dente (his pasta preference). Interesting to try but this was my least favourite dish of the night.

Lahmacun ($4.99)
DSC09260Had to order the lahmacun again. Seriously, perfect for sharing.

Awesome Turkish spot nestled on the main strip of Whyte Ave. All I can say is go, go, go.

Simit House
10540 – 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(587) 469-2461

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