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Hola Calle Mexico, it’s been way too long for me to have not visited you yet. Ugh, I won’t make that mistake again. Even though I’ve never been to their food truck, I’ve been wanting to try their new digs since it first opened. Seems like quite a few spots have opened along 107 Avenue, I like it.


First trip, we came on a Wednesday for lunch. Most people were doing takeout orders but there were a few individuals eating in. This definitely qualifies as a hole in the wall. I counted 16 seats total. Small but it does the job. They’ve expanded the left side of the restaurant, which will likely triple their capacity once renovations are done. Order at the counter and take a seat. The food came out surprisingly quick both trips. More like fast and furious.



Everything is made fresh to order. Even the hot sauces – salsa avocado, salsa verde and salsa roja. They now have a mini condiment station so you’ll have to fill up on your sauces there.


The menu is small but I like it. Tacos and tortas on one half of the board.


Couple specialty dishes and drinks on the other half. Student combo eh? If only.


The specialty that day was sopes chorizo. I didn’t even see the desserts listed underneath! Next time one of those will be consumed.


Trip #1
Horchata ($2.50)
DSC08840Mexican drinks are the bomb. I will attempt to make it one of these days. Until that happens, I’ll continue to order them. The horchata here was incredibly light and refreshing. You get a punch of cinnamon flavour right in your first few sips. Delicious.

Lengua tacos (#6) ($12.00)
DSC08838Tender shredded beef tongue topped with cilantro and onions. Couple limes to squeeze on top of the three tacos. I liked how these were warm, slightly crispy single tacos rather than the usual doubled up ones. The beef tongue was fresh, tender and flavouful. If you haven’t tried tongue before, you’re seriously missing out.


Wish tacos weren’t so pricey in Edmonton but unfortunately, this is the standard in town unless you’re going to Tuesday taco night (even then, cheapest I’ve seen is $3.00/taco). That being said, these might be the best tacos I’ve ate in town. Will have to try a few more before making that claim.

Asada torta (#5) ($10.00)
DSC08836Marinated sirloin topped with beans, lettuce, pico del gallo salsa and avocado. KT butchered the torta by attempting to cut it into three slices. Who does that!?! Why not into a peace sign? Rookie. I was a big fan of the bun, which was lightly warmed up. Reminded me a bit of Portuguese buns. The steak was flavourful. Hits the spot.

The famous “Calle Mexico” tostado ($11.00)
DSC08843Crispy tortillas topped with beans, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, radish, sour cream, feta cheese and avocados. We had to try their famous dish. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as these were incredibly fresh and tasty. The tortilla was crispy, the chicken tender but what I really liked the most was how much vegetables was on each tostado.

Green enchiladas ($13.00)
DSC08837Soft tortillas rolled with chicken, salsa verde, lettuce, tomatoes, radish, sour cream, feta cheese and avocados. You get four enchiladas too. Pretty good portion. Again, tender, moist chicken and all the ingredients are fresh and compliment well with each other. The salsa verde is addictively good. Would easily get this one again.

Trip #2
Jamaica ($2.50)
DSC09604A sweet Mexican drink made with red hibiscus flower. I think Dbone described it perfectly in saying it’s like a less sweetened fruit juice.

Alambre ($13.00)
DSC09607Stir fried mix of sirloin, bacon, ham, onions, peppers and Oaxaca cheese. Yum! Sirloin was flavourful and sooooo juicy. Dbone got the second taco, lucky bum.


My only wish is that Calle started having Taco Tuesday so that I can try out all their types of tacos.

2x Sopes ($4.00 each)
DSC09605Handmade thick tortilla topped with tinga chicken, sour cream, radish, feta cheese and avocados. This was Dbone’s favourite dish of the day – he thought it was excellent value. Let’s just say these sopes will fill you up and hit the spot. It’s like a much thicker version of tostados.


Closeup of the dope. Gotta love the Mexican pride.

Tamales ($4.25)
DSC09610This was one of their Friday specials (along with tortilla soup and corn on the cob). One tamale is more than enough to share between two. Freshly steamed tamales in banana leaf makes all the difference in the world.


The shredded pork was tender inside while the masa was light and flavourful.


Happy to see another excellent Mexican place open up in town. Can’t wait to try the rest of their menu!

Calle Mexico
11127 – 107 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(587) 938-4725

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