Northern Chicken

Northern Chicken is yet another fried chicken place to open up in town. Seriously, the influx of chicken shops in the past few months is ridiculous. Let’s review the list yeah? Seoul Fried Chicken, Coco Deep Fried Chicken (north and south) and It’Dog. Okay, that’s actually not a long list but you get the gist.


Taking over the digs from the now debunk Relish Gourmet Burger (boy, they didn’t last long), they’ve made a couple small changes to the interior; two family style picnic tables in the front adds a fun, friendly vibe. We came on a Thursday for lunch and the place was slammed. They could barely keep up and the line was sooooo slow. Lambo gets less time for lunch than me so we opted for takeout.


Lucky because even that seemed to take forever – not to mention, they give you the most ridiculously sized, take out bags.


The ice cream of the day sounded good. Not sure if it’s homemade or not.


Drink menu is split into two boards. The $10.00 cold chicken to go sounds like NC’s best bang for your buck deal. Keep in mind that it’s literally cold chicken (I asked) so you’ll have to warm it up yourself if you grab one to go.


Iced tea and lemonade buckets.


Second drinking board is dedicated strictly to whiskey.


The menu is small but dammnnn son, take a look at those prices. $11.00 for TWO pieces of deep fried chicken and a side of beans? You serious bruh?


The fact that you have to pay another $2.00 if you want a different/better side is mind blowing.

Peameal bacon ($12.00)
DSC09683The pea meal bacon sandwich (rolled in cornmeal) was good. The pork loin was tender, moist and you get several slices.


They dress the bun up with a slathering of grainy mustard. Simple but tasty.

Baked beans
DSC09684The side of baked beans didn’t do much for me. Pretty standard I guess but if that’s going to be your de facto side, I expect better.

5 piece fried chicken ($20.00)
DSC09682Your choice of original or hot. Of course, we went with the latter but don’t worry, it’s only got the slightest kick, if that. They do cook all their chickens fresh to order, which I’ll give props to, but man on man, is it ever pricey no to mention each piece is small. There’s no way you’ll be full getting the two piece meal.

But back to the chicken – it’s crispy but I was thrown off by the batter and breading. It felt exponentially heavier and denser than others I’ve eaten. I also feel like the seasoning needs work.

I can’t see myself rushing back anytime soon unless Northern Chicken adjusts their prices to match up with their fellow competitors. Can you blame me when Coco’s is closer AND has a $7.99 lunch special? Didn’t think so.

Northern Chicken
10704 – 124 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 756-2239

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