Caramia Caramels

Caramia Carmels, run by two best friends/sisters (awww so cute) specialize in handcrafted, fresh, artisanal caramel candies. Gotta say I love how Alysia’s official title is ‘Caramelier’. Look at me talking like I actually know her. All I can say is props to both of them for quitting their day jobs and following their dreams/passion/insert any other cheesy line. Seriously, I’m jelly.


They’re blowing up all over the media. In a good way, not a Trump way 😉 Check them out on CTV, Edmonton Journal (here and here) and Vue Weekly. I was surprised when they contacted me and asked me to sample a bag of their current wares. I don’t do this very often but I was happy to oblige.


Packaging is on point. Love the design; it’s simple but elegant.

The Everything Bag
DSC09660I was able to sample five of their flavours including: original butter caramel, pumpkin spice latte, London fog latte, sriracha roasted almonds and smoked maple bacon. I think a regular bag normally consists of 8 caramels so I got two extras. More to share! These caramels melt in your mouth. Smooth, creamy, decadent.



Hard to say what my favourite was but if I had to pick, I really liked the sriracha roasted almond. The perfect bit of heat from the sriracha and slight crunch from the almonds. Delicious.


Pretty awesome that they last two to three weeks (you know if you have something called self-control/restraint/discipline).

If you want to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign, there’s still time. They’ve already surpassed their original goals but have upped it to $28,000! Otherwise, you can find them selling their sweet wares on the weekends at the Edmonton City Hall (1 Sir Winston Churchill Square) and St. Albert Holiday Market (for the next month).

Caramia Caramels
Edmonton, AB
(780) 660-8869