Million Thai Restaurant

It’s been awhile since my last visit to Million Thai. If they weren’t located so far east, I’d be here more often but what can you do. East side residents, come here.


Closed Tuesday’s like (almost) every other Asian restaurant.


“Don’t miss” out on their Thai cold drinks.


Cute hand painted sign inside of their logo.


A little Thai decor. Are these elephant cat gods?


Happy to see they still have the lunch menu available and it’s pretty much stayed the same price. Lunch deal still good!


Beverage menu. Got to love cheap wine bottles.


The regular menu. So many options to choose from but that’s typical.




Closeup of the combination dinners. These used to be a really good deal (last year, it was $30.00 for combo A, $35.00 for combo B and $65.00 for combo C).


Still a fairly decent deal but it’s annoying that they won’t let you do any substitutions.

Thai iced lemon tea and Thai iced milk tea ($3.50 each)
DSC08873O ordered the Thai iced lemon tea while I went with my usual Thai iced tea. The iced lemon tea was way too sweet but the iced tea was excellent.

We went with the dinner for two set A combination ($37.00) where you get a starter, curry, stir fry and rice.

Money bags
DSC08877Pork mince stuffs with coconut, corn and peas. These are money! 😉 But seriously, one of the best appetizers you can get in town. Super crunchy, piping hot and bursting with flavour. The coconut flakes mixed inside adds that perfect bit of sweetness.

Pad thai ($15.00)
DSC08878Traditional stir-fried rice noodles with Thai herb, egg, bean sprout, tofu and homemade tamarind sauce. We had to order this separately as it’s not included with combo A. The pad thai was much better this time around for me. The sauce wasn’t too sweet and the noodles had a nice bite to them.

Penang curry
DSC08881Peanut curry with peanut sauce mixed with bean, red pepper, carrot and broccoli. Thick, sweet and saucy.

Pong ka ree
DSC08885Egg stir fried with dry curry powder, celery, onion and red bell peppers. Even though we ordered mild/no spice (O pretty much has zero tolerance for spice), this one had a slight kick to it. The veggies were crunchy with a solid bite to them. This dish surprised me in a good way.

Coconut rice
DSC08882Sweet rice cooked with coconut milk. The coconut rice was incredibly fragrant and I could really taste the coconut milk. Perfect amount to share between two.

If you ever find yourself in the NE part of town, Million Thai should be on your list of Thai eateries to try.

Million Thai Restaurant
4109 – 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 477-1617

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