Fuqing Lanzhou Noodle

We decided to give Fuqing Lanzhou Noodle another shot, this time with the parental units, when we were looking for a place to eat one Sunday afternoon.


Their menu changed from my first visit. It’s been condensed even more so.


They also don’t have the big picture board of their bowls up on the wall anymore. Not sure why they would have taken that down.

Noodles with pork tripe (#3) ($9.98)DSC08724The broth wasn’t as flavourful as the first time around. Still has a ridiculous amount of noodles that you can share with others.

Chinese chives & pork dumplings (#24) ($10.98)
DSC08725Dumplings here are pretty good. They come out plain so you have to used their hot chili oil and other condiments (located on the table) to add some heat and extra flavour. 14 pieces is a reasonable portion for the price.

Fried noodles with shrimp & fish balls (#9) ($10.98)DSC08727We were much more enthused with the fried noodles. Nice wok hay to them and came with a mixture of shrimp, fish balls, bean sprouts and bok choy. Everyone kept on reaching for these over the noodle bowl.

Tentacles of squid (#20) ($1.90 each) and lamb skewer (#21) ($1.80 each)DSC08729I didn’t try any skewers last time so I was curious to see how FLN’s would be. Octopus was excellent; nicely grilled, flavourful and look at the size of these bad boys. The cumin spice mixture was addictive and delicious. Just like how they used to do them when it was Northern BBQ House.

I’m still on the fence about Fuqing’s soups but everything else is great. I can never stay away from Northern Chinese food for long so I’ll keep on coming back till I’ve tried everything on their concise menu.

Fuqing Lanzhou Noodle
10821 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 760-1110

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