Indian Fusion – The Curry House

Indian Fusion – The Curry House is a mouthful to say and remember. This place has been on my hit list ever since I read Vue Weekly’s review and discovered that they do Fijian dishes here! Fijian! Can’t say I’ve ever had that type of food before, which made me want to try it even more.


It’s nestled right beside Privé and Louisiana Purchase. Interesting spot as both restaurants clearly share the same supplier with offerings of wild game (bison, elk, crocodile) that is rarity to find in land locked Edmonton.


The inside is small but cozy. Wish we could have sat out on their “patio” but there’s only one large table outside and it was occupied by a group that was taking their sweet, sweet time. So many people were ordering takeout from here, I was kind of in shock. Guess they are popular with the Oliver community.


Pretty cool to see that they offer free meals to those in need. Kind, generous people still do exist in the world.


Menu is a blend of Indian and Fijian cuisine. So coooooool.


Wish I had more expertise on Fijian food but this was my first time trying a few dishes. The waitress asks you what kind of spicy level you want and we went for a 3 out of 5. The gasps, almost outrage, from the table next to us was hilarious. They thought we were going to die but clearly, they’re wimps.



Rumour is their lunch special is fantastic so we’ll see if I can try it out one of these days.

DSC07781Came with a side of mango chutney and spicy mixed pickle. The latter had a good level of heat to it so watch out if you’re a spice wimp.

Aloo baigan ($14.99)
DSC07786Potatoes and eggplant cooked in a mix of spices. I’m a sucker for eggplant anything and the aloo baigan lived up to my expectations. Aromatic spices, spicy, tasty.

Lamb surva ($18.99)
DSC07782A true Fijian lamb curry. There was a bit more bone than I would have liked from the lamb but the meat that was there was tender and flavourful. Another solid dish.

Mughlai beef ($19.99)
DSC07785Beef in a thick creamy sauce with cashews and raisins. The mughlai sauce was unexpectedly delicious. Much more thicker, richer and creamy than our other two dishes.

Garlic naan ($4.99)
DSC07784Leavened white flour bread coated with garlic. Nice bits of garlic and great crunchy texture. These were gone in a flash.

Saffron rice ($5.99)
DSC07787Basmati rice flavoured with Indian spices and saffron. The rice was fragrant and fluffy. Saffron in anything, especially rice, makes it something else.

I feel like we just touched a tip of the iceberg here. The menu is massive so hopefully a few more visits will give me a greater understanding and appreciation of Fijian and Indian cuisine.

Indian Fusion – The Curry House
10322 – 111 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 752-5500

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