CoCo Fresh Tea and Drink

Well I’ll be, there’s finally some good bubble tea in town and right in line with Alberta’s love for chains and franchises, it’s the world’s largest bubble tea chain: CoCo’s. It must be true because when I was in NYC, I passed three without even looking for them.


Now if you know anything about me, you’ll know I am not a big fan of chains but when it comes to bubble tea, any type of competition is a good thing. I’ve been multiple times and can safely say this place is top notch. You no longer have to go to Dream Tea to get your fix (praise da lord).


This place was slammed with Asians the first few times that I went. The line literally went out the door which I’ve never seen in an Edmonton place before. Actually, every time that I’ve been, it’s been 98% Asian. Another odd fact – this place has a lot of resemblance to Chatime. If you’ve been to both, you’ll know what I mean.


There’s lots of space to sit (check out the back for a couple tables) and there’s even two ways to enter. Order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. Fast, efficient, they know exactly what they’re doing here.


Coco’s top 10 drinks. Don’t think you can wrong with any of them.


Coco specials. Guess these are the same as the top 10 screen.


Here’s the full menu. Milk tea, fresh tea, fruit tea, yakult, chocolate, slush/smoothie, fresh milk and salty cream. Too many choices.


You can customize how much ice and sugar that you want in your drink. Seems like 50% ice and 50-70% sugar has worked the best for me with my drink orders so far. You can also order your drinks hot or cold (didn’t know the former until a friend did this).


Cute little picture on how they make their pearls.

3 Guys ($6.25 large)
DSC07636Milk tea with grass jelly, pudding, and tapioca. You can their tapioca is fresh and has nice chewy, slightly sweet texture to it. Add in pudding and grassy jelly, you can’t really go wrong. There’s a reason why it’s on their top 10 list. Get it.

Hot milk tea and matcha milk tea ($5.10)
CocoM wanted something to warm her up so she ordered a hot milk tea. I can’t remember which one exactly but it hit the spot. I went with the matcha milk tea which pleasantly surprised me, as you could really taste the matcha flavour. Next time I’ll try the matcha with red bean!


Don’t have much else to add other than CoCo’s drinks been consistently good, fresh and fast. I’ll be back for more!

CoCo Fresh Tea and Drink
10147 – 109 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 756-7752

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