Fat Kee Noodle House

After some shopping/browsing at Cross Iron Mills, we wanted to grab a bite to eat for dinner Saturday evening. I was excited to finally try Basil but being ever so lucky, we went and it was closed! Completely shuttered down so I’m not sure if they were on vacation or just randomly closed for Sept long weekend. We weren’t worried because this area is loaded with good eats. I remembered a new ramen place, Ramen Ichinen, had just opened so I thought it was meant to be. It wasn’t.


Never a good sign when you see an old lady, chaining smoking in her car telling you that this place is legit. Moral of story: never trust crusty old ladies.


There was a bunch of restaurants in this plaza area, including Inti – Modern Peruvian, Sahana’s Sri Lankan and South Indian Fusion (Sri Lankan!!) and a couple others. My parents spotted Fat Kee Noodle House and they were instantly sold on the sign proudly claiming fresh noodles.


At least the hours are good. Solid eleven hour days.


We didn’t realize until after we ordered but there were so many specials. Make sure you take a look! I regret not seeing this (of course, the sole waitress didn’t bother to mention it) earlier because I would have been all over that eggplant special.


Chef special’s continued.


There were a couple of lunch specials/combos.


Along with some special combo dinner.


And of course, a bunch of Chinese character only specials. None of us can read so we were SOL.



The menu is typical Chinese style with your usual 147 items.




In case you didn’t have enough options, you know?

Ginger fried squid (#40) ($13.95)
DSC09034I wasn’t expecting the squid to be battered like this but the parents seemed to like it. I thought the sauce was way too sweet. It tasted similar to that fake sweet and sour sauce you get with Canadianized Chinese food. Meh.

Foo geen chow mein (#73) ($11.95)
DSC09032Pretty standard chow main with a variety of different meats. This one was quite saucy.

Szechuan style Shanghai fine noodle soup (#129) ($7.50)
DSC09036Szechuan style usually means spicy/fiery right? Not in this bowl. Broth was pretty weak/plain but for the price, I guess you can’t complain too much. Wasn’t impressed with the noodles either.

Tossed noodles with dumplings (#132) ($8.50)
DSC09038This was my favourite out of the four dishes we ordered. Simple, traditional cooking. It comes with a side of soup that you can use to dip your noodles in. Liked these noodles much more – nice bite and went down smoothly.

Overall, Fat Kee was decent but nothing to write home about. The good? We put in our order and dishes literally came out in under 10 minutes. They are fast. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here. It is what it is: late night, cheap Chinese food.

Fat Kee Noodle House
#345, 3132 – 26 Street NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 250-8123

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