LETS Grill Restaurant

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to check out LETS Grill but I’m happy with the recent fluctuation of Northern Chinese joints opening up in town. This one is Northeastern Chinese food and they specialize in BBQ skewers.


Nestled in the same plaza as Syphay, Tropika, Yumioca, blink and you’ll miss it. I like how they have their menu displayed on their front windows so you can take a look before you walk in. Hours are pretty good. Note: Weekends only open in the evenings.


Their slogan made me laugh. Real Chinese cuisine from North East China. Pretty sad that they have to promote their cuisine like that. That’s Edmonton for you in a nutshell.


Lunch combo ($10.99) seems like a pretty good deal to me!


They also have a couple dinner combos for 2, 3, 4 and 6 that are well priced. Worth a consideration if you don’t know what to order.


The menus are slick. I’ve never seen such fancy, innovative menus, especially coming from a Chinese restaurant. They gave us the Chinese menu but I can’t read 😦


This one’s in English. Much better.


Unroll the scroll and you’re presented with the menu. Lots to choose from: soups, salads, cold cuts, skewers, noodles and snacks.


Spicy sour chicken ($9.99)
DSC09144We were originally going to get the spicy beef but changed our minds and went with the spicy sour chicken. Brilliant because this was bomb. The spicy sour sauce was so tasty that J and L ordered a plain bowl of rice ($1.99) to soak up all the extra sauce. This is a cold dish, very well executed.

Lamb and beef kebab ($19.99 for 10)
DSC09145There was a promotion going on for the lamb skewers. Buy 5, get one free. We’ll take it! Both skewers had a nice cumin/Asian spice rub on them but the beef was hands down our favourite. Incredibly tender and just melted in your mouth.



Closeups of the beef (top) and lamb (bottom) kebabs. Nothing more satisfying than meat on a stick.

Grilled squid ($9.75)
DSC09150I’m normally a fan of grilled squid but these we weren’t too gung ho about. The sauce slathered on top was way too sweet and distracted from the squid flavour itself. The grilled squid I had at Fuqing Lanzhou Noodle was much better. The squid was grilled well but for two pieces, I didn’t think it was worth the price point.

Grilled enoki mushrooms ($6.25)
DSC09153Enoki mushroom is one of my favourites and grilling it just accentuates the flavour. Portion size was pretty reasonable.

Grilled eggplant with garlic sauce ($5.75)
DSC09152The eggplant was perfectly grilled and that garlic sauce, woahhhhhh. It’s really, really garlicky. Garlicky goodness. Just be prepared for a smothering of garlic sauce.

Handmade dumplings ($9.99)
DSC09148Whenever I take L and J out for Asian food, dumplings are non-negotiable. You get 12 pieces in an order. We could tell these were homemade and steamed to order. Really liked the skin on these and a little bit of soup inside was icing on the cake. The two sauces, chili oil and soy, were great to dip the dumplings in.

Spicy beef noodle ($8.99)
DSC09156L was stoked for their spicy beef noodle soup but it turned out to be pretty average. I can’t pinpoint exactly what the broth is based from but it tasted like Chinese black beans to me. The broth was lacking in depth and complexity. The beef was good but I wished they had thrown in a few vegetables to balance things out. I know, I know, this is Chinese style so vegetables are pretty much non-existing. That being said, the noodles lacked any type of spring/density to them. So it was a miss for us.

Overall, we were happy with our meal but you need to choose wisely when you’re ordering a la carte. Some skewers were worth the price point, others not so much. It was dead when we went on a Thursday evening so hope they get better turnouts on weekends. I’d easily go here over Tropika any day.

LETS Grill Restaurant
5926 – 104 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 705-1535

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