Soy & Pepper

Soy & Pepper is the latest Korean place to open, although this was a few months ago. Right along trendy Jasper Avenue, I’m pretty curious to see how they will fare with the likes of Joey’s, Earls and Cactus Club Cafe chains surrounding them.


The inside is warm and inviting with clean, modern white walls and comfy seats.



Loving the Casa and Soju bottles lined up atop their bar/kitchen.


The menu is small but I like the logo and play with the salt & pepper shakes. Clever.


Couple dishes to start/share.


Noodles, rice bowls, meat, stews and soups.


Lunch specials (11:00am to 2:00pm daily) seem to be the best way to go at S&P. Not sure why but their menu seems overpriced to me.


Interesting that they charge you for banchan if it’s not part of one of the dishes you ordered. Can’t say I’ve seen that on a Korean menu before.


Dessert! Ooo, another place in town that does pot-bingsoo. And hoddeok is one of my favourite Korean snacks! Must try it next time.


DSC07712Beans was one banchan.


The other was kimchi. Stingy portions kind of defeats the purpose of banchan.

Kabocha squash jeon ($12.00)
DSC07708Shredded kabocha squash, onions, green onions, soy sauce and vinegar dipping sauce. Lightly pan fried, nicely crisp, can’t say I’ve ever had kabocha before. A nice change up from the typical seafood pancake but we wanted more kabocha-like flavour.

Bulgogi ($16.00)
DSC07711Thin slices of marinated beef, green onions, onions and cabbage. Tasty, well marinated bulgogi. The sauce was excellent. Perfect to soak up in your rice. Only issue we had with this dish was that the small portion size, given the $16.00 price point.

Roasted bossam ($22.00)
DSC07710Slow roasted marinated pork belly and pork shoulder, ssamjang(gochujang and doenjang) sauce with daikon wraps. Both cuts of meat were tender but the daikon wraps just weren’t doing it for me. The traditional method with lettuce wraps is much more satisfying. The dish was beautifully presented but that seriously affected the quantity of meat that you get. $22.00 for that much? You’ve got to be kidding me.


It’s nice that there’s finally a spot downtown to get Korean food if you don’t feel like heading all the way to the south side. That being said, you’re paying for the prime location and portions are not what you would call sharing size. We shared all three dishes and was nowhere near being full. Probably not my first choice when I think of Korean but the food was better than I expected.

Soy & Pepper
11212 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 426-0557

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