What’s The Scoop

We were looking for a dessert place after dinner and after much debate, settled on What’s The Scoop. I’ve actually never been here before so I figured it was worth a try. Their concept is similar to 80 Flavours, except I think WTS has been around for ages.


You can’t miss it with it’s bright blue exterior. It’s right beside Fat Franks. I assume everyone gets a double because why wouldn’t you for $0.70 more? Doubles for everyone in my crew.



WTS was pretty busy with a lineup. They’re perfectly situated on Whyte – they must get a shit ton of foot traffic. I like how there’s two small tables to sit and people watch. But most people take there cones elsewhere to wander around the area.

Pistachio with almonds and raspberry cheesecake ($6.95)
DSC08766J went with the pistachio along with cheesecake. The cheesecake one was quite cheesecakey while the pistachio had that mutant green hue to it so…

Cookies & cream and peanut butter ($6.95)
DSC08767L went with cookies & cream along with peanut butter. I had a bite of each flavour – c & c was pretty standard.

Cafe latte and belgium hazelnut ($6.95)
DSC08769M and I shared an ice cream because we already were having enough trouble picking two flavours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of either flavours. Both didn’t have much, if any, taste. Very artificial, generic tasting. Blah.

I wasn’t impressed and can’t see myself coming back. Seems like Edmonton is in desperate need of a legit ice cream place. For the love of ice cream, can Village Ice Cream open up a location?

What’s The Scoop
10329 – 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 497-1912

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