Café Linnea

It’s finally opened! Duchess lovers rejoice. Throw up that raise the roof hands emoji.


Hours are a bit odd as they’re only open 9:00am – 3:00pm. I’m curious to see whether that will change once their liquor license is set up. I’ll be back to try their high tea on Sunday’s (3:00pm or 3:30pm by reservation only).


The inside is absolutely gorgeous, no other way to put it. It feels like you’re in a restaurant that matches the likes of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Impressed. The service was fantastic here without being too overbearing. One annoying thing was how small the glasses were. Waitresses were constantly coming back to refill our waters.




Interesting all the employees here receive a salary with benefits. Will this be the first restaurant of many to adopt fair living practices? This also goes hand in hand with their no tipping policy. You don’t even have the option of tipping when you get the card machine! It’s about time we see Edmonton restaurants step their game up and take a forward/future looking approach.


The skylight adds some beautiful, natural light to the already clean white walls and mini herb garden. The green seats and booths really fits the atmosphere and ambiance of serenity. It’s obvious the Duchess team knows what they’re doing. I’m guessing it can fit about 60 people.


The menu is small but broken down into small bites, mains, sides and desserts.



A couple interesting drinks too. Their espresso and juicing machine look fancyyy.

Cured arctic char ($13.00)
DSC08783Blinis, fennel, cucumber and red onion salad, and buttermilk dressing. Our waitress told us to eat these like mini sandwiches.


Closeup of the blinis. They were scrumptious. Think mini, bite size pancakes. Light, airy, buttery. I could have popped a dozen of these into my mouth myself.


Close up of the arctic char. Nice and thin, you get about 6 slices. Beautiful. Just wish you got more for the hefty price tag.

Summer vegetable polenta ($18.00)
DSC08785Seared vegetable medley, soft corn polenta, zucchini, eggplant and tomato jam pavé. We added smoked pork tenderloin ($3.00) but I would skip out on that next time. The polenta was pleasantly soft and creamy. I appreciated the nice mixture of vegetables – cauliflower, romanesco broccoli, carrot, mushrooms, yellow zucchini and red peppers. Essentially, summer vegetables on a plate. Yum.

Farmer’s breakfast ($18.00)
DSC08786Back bacon, new potatoes, two fried eggs, corn, basil and garlic chili oil. Beware, the back bacon is fatty. Easily a third of it was fat. Not my scene but Dbone had no trouble eating his slices. The basil on top of the fried eggs was a great touch. The potatoes were pretty standard and I thought could have used more of that garlic chili oil. The best thing on the Farmer’s breakfast was hands down the corn underneath. A slight char gave it a hint of smokey taste and it was just full of flavour.

Complete galette ($19.00)
DSC08784Buckwheat crêpe, house ham, gruyère, miroir egg and salad. The house ham was much more enjoyable – all the elements in this dish complimented each other wonderfully. The gooey gruyère, oozy miroir egg and the crêpe was so light and delicate. Definitely brunch worthy.

Sabayon & fruit ($10.00)
DSC08793Melon, plum, coronation grapes and ginger gelée. There was also cantaloupe added to the fruit medley. The plums and coronation grapes were the stars. Fresh, sweet, fruity. I was expecting a more custard like dessert but the sabayon ended up being much more lighter. The ginger gelée was great though and the texture reminded me of lychee stars that you get from bubble tea.

Everything was fantastic. You can’t really go wrong here, it’s the perfect place to bring friends, family or to impress a date. Great food, great service and just a great addition to Edmonton’s food scene. Can’t wait to try the rest of the menu!

Café Linnea
10932 119 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 758-1160

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