The Dish Bistro

It’s been years since I’ve had a meal at The Dish Bistro – the last time was when they were still called the Dish & Runaway Spoon. I can’t believe they’ve been in business since 1979. Now that’s what you call longevity.

Being a good co-worker, we let our soon to be departed co-worker, Ferns, choose the place and after careful deliberation, she decided on the Dish Bistro. I wanted to sit out on their “secret garden” but the weather was being uncooperative so we were stuck inside. Oddly enough, the staff here don’t even ask/give you the option.

The place was surprisingly busy with about 5 or so tables occupied. The inside looks exactly the same as my visit a decade ago so I’m pretty sure nothing has changed since then. Their menus come out on paper sheets but prices are different than what’s on the website. Mostly for the lunch entrees which are in the $17.00-19.00 range instead of $16.00. Slightly overpriced for lunch – lucky, I had bought two Groupons.

Which obviously turned into an issue when we tried to pay the bill. Don’t you just love Groupons? I won’t go into the details but basically, they had a deal where it appeared you could buy and use two Groupons in one go. The waiter didn’t think so and refused to let us use both. I don’t know whose fault it is but either way, the deal is very misleading so beware. Bbops calmly voiced his displeasure and the waiter succumbed, letting us use the second Groupon.

Lesson = don’t buy Groupons. I only did because I knew we were going there so might as well save a bit of moola. But always turns into such a hassle.

Diet pop ($2.50) and tea ($3.75)
I don’t normally write about drinks but just wanted to say they charge you on refills. At least for the tea, you get a whole teapot. Nothing’s cheap these days.

Pork schnitzel sandwich ($14.75)
The Dish3Alberta pork tenderloin with a caper aioli on a pretzel bun with lettuce, fresh tomatoes, pickles and frizzled onions. Bbop and I decided to share but this was his choice. The schnitzel was pretty good for the most part except for a couple bites where I really had to chew through. They add some fried onion rings to give it a bit of a crunch but that was lacking a bit of freshness. The tomato basil was creamy but nothing really popped out to me flavour wise.

Grilled cheese on sourdough ($12.50)
The DishCambozola, asiago and swiss cheese with a house made fig paste and caramelized onions. I went with their soup of the day, a carrot and ginger soup with a sprinkle of green onions on top. We both liked it – seemed like we were getting our dose of healthy vitamins for the day. The grilled cheese wasn’t very good. Seemed like there was barely any cheese in it. More onions than anything else. The fig paste also was the dominant flavour, which made this sandwich overly sweet. Not what you want in a grilled cheese.

Chicken pesto sandwich ($14.95)
This was their special sandwich of the day. Chicken pesto, which Ferns thought was very tasty. They messed her order up and brought her soup instead of the salad she had requested. Our waiter rectified the mistake right away but I thought it was pretty odd that he actually took back the soup and didn’t just leave it with her. Not that she wanted it but what if she had taken a sip of it? What’d he do with the soup?!?! :S

Portobello & goat cheese melt ($14.75) with spinach salad ($1.50)
The Dish2Marinated and roasted Portobello mushroom with caramelized onions and tomato chutney on a pretzel bun with warm goat cheese and greens. Yikes, $1.50 to upgrade to a spinach salad? You know you can buy a bag of spinach for like $3.00? I’ll never understand restaurants that try to rip you off through “substitutions”. Gman said his sandwich was okay but that everything was very crumbly.

Overall, I wouldn’t be shocked if my next visit is in another few years. It seems like this place has gone downhill years ago and while everything was decent, it’s just typical fare you can get anywhere.

The Dish Bistro
12417 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-6641

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