Don Day Korean Cuisine

Don Day is easily one of my favourite Korean places in the city. I’ve been here a handful of times now since my original post (see here) and have yet to experience a bad meal. This is a quintessential hole in the wall, industrial restaurant that seems to be scattered all over Edmonton.

The moment you step through DD’s doors, you’re greeted with a heavenly aroma. K-pop videos play non-stop on the TV’s and Korean posters plaster the wall as decor. The server/owner is super friendly and genuine. It’s like your eating at your Korean friend’s parents place. Wish I knew some Koreans here…:(

The menu is pretty straightforward but the dishes are categorized somewhat randomly. First page has appetizers, meats and their specialty hot pots.


Flip the menu over and you’re left with bi bim bap, meat and a couple other dishes. I have no idea why their jap chae is so expensive ($19.99)! Ridiculous.


At least they have some pictures of their popular dishes if you need a bit of guidance. Get a hot pot for sure – a small you can easily share between two to four people.

Trip #1

DSC03846There’s only two side dishes that you get – kim chee and a rotating dish. This one here is miyeok, a seaplant salad. Any seaweed/seaplant is good in my books. Texturally pleasant.

Pork bone soup (#18) ($32.99 medium)
DSC03843You can’t really go wrong with the pork bone soup. Hearty, tender meat, flavourful and spicy. There’s chunks of potato and think you also get a side or two of rice to go with this. The meat seemed endless. I wasn’t kidding when I said a small would be good enough! The medium was hugeeeee.

Bulgogi (#43) ($13.50)
DSC03845Marinated beef stew with vegetables and clear noodles. I like how they throw in noodles so it’s not just bulgogi. For good measure, there’s even a variety of vegetables like mushrooms, onion, carrot, green onion and cabbage.

Beef teriyaki noodle (#10) ($11.50)
DSC03847Only available during lunch. These noodles were thicker, similar to udon or Shanghai style noodles. They came out sizzling hot on a black skillet. If you want something less Koreanish, this is worth a try.

Hot stone chicken bi bim bap (#39) ($13.50)
DSC03848Mixed vegetables with rice served in a hot stone pot. Rice had a crunchy bite. I’m not sure why they fry their egg here over the traditional runny yolk. Unsurprisingly, the dolsot bi bim bap was run of the mill. Still on the search to find a solid one in town.

Trip #2

Seafood pancake (#7) ($15.99)
DonDay9For some reason, I’ve never tried DD’s seafood pancake until now. Super crispy but just the right amount of thickness/density. This one is almost on par with Korean Grill’s.

Spicy seafood soup (#16) ($34.99)
DonDay10I’ve had their spicy seafood soup too many times to count now. Spicy, decent variety of seafood, slippery glass noodles, zucchini, arugula and a couple other things thrown into the mix.

This place is a gem. I’ll be here again and again and again.

Don Day Korean Cuisine
3212 Parsons Road
Edmonton, AB
(780) 469-9963

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