Fuqing Lanzhou Noodle

Hello new noodle spot in town, RIP Northern BBQ House. Fuqing Lanzhou Noodle is the latest Northern Chinese spot to open in town. All I can say is hellllllllllll yes. It’s about time these tiny spots have started to pop up.


We came on a Monday night and were the only patrons at 7pm. A couple other tables trickled in after us, a good sign, especially because they were all mainlanders. Word hasn’t gotten out yet as there is basically no online presence and they’ve only been open since May 26. Wish I could have came with a few more people to try more items out but it was just M and I for an impromptu, last minute dinner. UPDATE: Closed on Tuesday’s (trust me, I tried to go).


The menu is small but focuses on hand pulled noodles, street meat, dumplings. They already had a bunch of things crossed out when we arrived. No cold noodles 😦


I like how they have a mural up showcasing their hand pulled noodle offerings (A1-A12).


Tea egg ($1.00)
DSC06224Our waitress was up-selling everyone to try out their magical tea/marble egg. We decided to share one. The smell is slightly pungent but reminded me of my grandma’s house. This is basically a hard boiled egg that is re-boiled in tea but this one didn’t taste like much. It comes with the shell on so you have to de-shell it yourself.

Pig ears with soy sauce (B10) ($4.80)
DSC06220Crunchy, texturally pleasant, these were a nice appetizer but it lacked in the spicy department. According to M, these are supposed to be fiery! We made do by spooning some of their homemade chili oil hot sauce onto the plate.

Noodles with leg of pork (A6) ($10.98)
DSC06227I went with the leg of pork and holy jesus, you get a colossal amount of hand pulled noodles. Seriously, one bowl could easily feed two people. The bowl comes topped with bok choy, cilantro and a decent amount of meat. The noodles had a great toothsome bite – I couldn’t stop slurping away. The broth itself was rich and had a nice level of depth to it. Somehow, I managed to finish my bowl (you seriously don’t understand how much noodles they give you).

Noodles with eggplant & green pepper & minced pork (A10) ($9.98)
DSC06228Eggplant, peppers and minced pork. I had a taste of the eggplant and peppers. First bite was flavourful until you get hit with a wave of salt. Yikes, not sure if this on purpose or by mistake but we both thought it was very salty. M had to slather her bowl with chili oil along with a dash of Chinese vinegar to counteract the salt. It worked.

We’ll be back ASAP to try out the rest of their dishes. Skewers, dumplings, cold noodles are all on the hit list. So happy to see another Northern Chinese hand pulled noodle shop open up!

Fuqing Lanzhou Noodle
10821 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 760-1110

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