Sambol Sri Lankan Kitchen

What else needs to be said about Sambol other than it’s Sri Lankan gooooooooooooold. This might be one of my new favourite cuisines. I can’t believe I haven’t been back since my first visit – far too long of a time gap. Well, I finally was able to make it out for round two with J and L on a lazy Sunday afternoon. L made a reso, which was totally unnecessary, but there were quite a few tables so it’s nice to see they’re busy.

I’ve decided that it’s my goal to try everything on Sambol’s menu so for this visit, we ordered completely new dishes.

Spicy fried chickpeas ($4.00)
DSC05820Sauteed with onions, garlic and chilies. This was surprisingly delightful. I’m by no means a chickpea fan as these are difficult to cook correctly. Well, these were flavourful, texturally pleasant and a generous portion for only $4.00!

Stuffed roti ($8.00)
DSC05821Four stuffed rotis with your choice of filing (chicken, beef or vegetable). Tiny bites packed with a punch of herby flavour. We got the beef roti and everything about this was gooood. I’m not sure what spice they mixed with the meat but it added a slight heat to it that was perfect.

Seafood lovers bowl ($17.00)
DSC05822Shrimp, cuttlefish curries served with fried rice and choice of vegetable (which was a mixture of bell peppers and onion for us). We ordered three bowls but this one was my favourite of the afternoon! A good variety of squid, shrimp but the game changer here was the cuttlefish. Order this bowl!

Noodle bowl ($13.00)
DSC05823Stir fried noodles Sri Lankan style. This one we got with chicken. To be honest, this one was probably the plainest dish we ordered. Not that it was bad, it wasn’t, just that everything else had so much flavour and punch that this noodle bowl didn’t get as much TLC.

Egg plant moju style ($13.00)
DSC05824Moju means pickled in Sri Lankan. We weren’t sure whether to get the eggplant moju or cooked fried but our waitress recommended moju so we went with that. It was sooo damn delicious, words can’t even describe it. An unexpected sweetness upon first bite, followed by a wave of tangy tartness. I have no idea how these could pack so much flavour – all I know is these were gone in a blink of the eye.

Meat lovers bowl ($18.00)
DSC05825Fried rice bowl with chef selection of curry, black pepper and deviled meat. Beef, chicken, pork and devilled potatoes. It probably sounds like I’m a robot because I keep repeating myself but the meat lovers bowl was tasty. Anything with Sambol’s delicious black pepper and deviled meat is a winning combo. The only average thing in this bowl was the devilled potatoes which were a bit on the dry side. Also sucky is that their bowls have increased by $2.00 since my original visit but that’s everywhere sadly.

Pol pani ($8.00)
DSC05828Coconut crepes. We were stuffed but L always has room for dessert so we let her do the ordering and she opted for the pol pani. Great way to end our meal as the crepes weren’t too sweet. They were quite light and the insides reminded me of a Chinese coconut bun.

Just go. I don’t care what area of town you’re near – it’s worth the drive if you like tasty, flavourful, delicious food. One of the best hidden gems in the city.

Sambol Sri Lankan Kitchen
9261 – 34 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 306-3199

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