Thai Orchid

It’s been over a year since my first visit to Thai Orchid. Looooooong overdue as I’ve been wanting to come back here to try a couple more of their dishes. Well, L and J both had somehow never experienced good Thai eats in town so I decided that needed to be remedied immediately.


We came on a Friday evening without reservations but luckily arrived before the dinner rush. Hello perfect timing. If you want to be safe, it’d be wise to make a reservation otherwise you’ll be waiting awhile for a table. Service here is friendly but sloooooooooooow. There’s only two waiters manning the whole room so keep that in mind. I was actually surprised how busy they were as I didn’t think that many people knew about them.




I like their menus that they bring to the table. Fits on one fold out page. These pictures are posted up front when you first walk in.


Hours are pretty standard. Early closing hours ugh.

2x Thai iced tea ($4.00 each)
DSC05842This one was quite satisfying although I thought there was a bit too much ice in it for my liking.

Tom yum goong (#10) ($14.50 for 4)
DSC05843Hot and sour soup with shrimp, mushrooms, tomato, spices, galangal and lemongrass. Woaaaaah, their tom yum soup had my taste buds tantalized. Sour? Check. Spicy? You bet ya. An explosion of flavour. We probably only needed to order the small tom yum ($9.50 for 2) as J and I ended up having to drink a couple extra bowls to polish everything off. Poor L, the heat was a bit too much for her although she loved it.

2x Kao mun (#11) ($4.00 each)
DSC05848Thai Orchid’s signature coconut rice. Fragrant, light and delicious. You’ll definitely need at least two of their bowls to soap up all the curry sauce.

Pad chan (#13) ($13.50)
DSC05845A version of pad thai, originating from the Chantaburi province, that is lightly spiced with a homemade sauce. We opted for chicken with our pad chan and just like their pad thai, it was tasty. Love the bite of the noodles and sweetness was well balanced. I didn’t taste any spice but that helped counteract the other dishes.

Lad nha mhee krob talay (#17) ($15.50)
DSC05850Crispy noodle topped with seafood, vegetables and tasty brown sauce. Don’t you just love that description? All in the “details” eh? All kidding aside, our second noodle dish was tasty but I wanted the noodles to be a bit more crispier. At least there was a good amount of seafood (shrimp and squid).

Geang khao whan (#27) ($13.50)
DSC05846Green curry with bamboo shoots, green and red peppers, basil and coconut milk. We opted for beef but I thought they skimped on the meat. The green curry I had to order for my friends as they’ve never tried it. Just as good the first time I ordered it. The spice level is perfect, it’s rich and creamy, what more do you want in a curry?

Portions are on the slightly smaller side of things but the quality more than makes up for it. I’ll be back for more the next time Thai cravings hit.

Thai Orchid
4009 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, AB
(780) 438-3344

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