Canteen, sister restaurant to Red Ox Inn, is a much more casual, industrial style spot to grab lunch and dinner. Trendy and hip would probably be a good way to put it.


After finding out that Pampa’s wouldn’t honour their EDDW lunch special, my sister’s friend switched our reservation over to Canteen. No idea why Pampa’s would do that but they lost out on a massive group of 12 hungry eaters. Even though our reso was at 1:30pm, Canteen was packed with people. People just adore Sunday afternoon brunches.

Our waiter was decent given the size of our party. For the most part. Couple odd things I witnessed was:
a) he brought out couple coffees/Americanos/teas but had to literally shout out whatever drink it was as he couldn’t remember who ordered what
b) he asked a couple people how their dishes was – when the first guy complained and pretty much critiqued everything on his plate, the waiter just nodded his head, said “oh okay” and proceeded to move to the next person and ask how their dish was. Ummmm, what?

The brunch menu is short and sweet with seven options to choose from. Honestly, nothing really stood out to me as oh my god I want to eat this but everyone else seemed excited.

Dutch baby pancake ($17.00)
DSC05816Rhubarb compote, toasted coconut, walnut, back bacon and farm egg. S, my long forgotten lunch buddy, was here and she was nice enough to give me a bite. Interesting take on a “pancake”, it looked like a fancy artisan green onion cake to some of us. Definitely didn’t taste like one. It was actually quite good

Chicken and waffle ($18.00)
DSC05817Buttermilk fried chicken, belgian waffle and smoked syrup. Guess this dish is popular if half (that’s six out of twelve for those of you that suck at math) your table orders it. Yeezus. Seemed like a small portion to me. The one guy I was referring to above complained that his chicken and waffle dish was pretty average. Chicken not crispy enough, inside not tender and moist enough. Also odd was that each portion looked different from the other – three came out at once and one was clearly bigger than the other two.

Huevos canteenos ($17.00)
DSC05818Corn tortilla, pulled pork, black beans, avocado, poached eggs, herb ricotta and pico de gallo. I ordered this dish for myself. I liked the avocado and the poached eggs were actually soft and yolky. I didn’t get much pico de gallo nor black beans. Seemed like there was a bit too much pulled pork. The dish was tasty but the flavours were just missing some panache.

Canteen was pretty much what I was expecting. Good if you’re looking for a more hip, chic spot but don’t expect to be blown away.

10522 – 124 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 485-6125

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