Pho Thinh

We were looking for one last place to eat before we headed off to the airport. Our first attempt at Izakaya Torae Torae failed miserably as the place was completely slammed and they weren’t able to do takeout for us. Luckily, there were lots of alternatives (bless America) – Pho Thinh popped into my head which turned out to be the perfect spot.


We were seated right away, perfect for us, as we were able to get in and out quickly. I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t overly busy for a Saturday night but we were there around 8pm so we likely missed the dinner rush. Service was fast, friendly and prices very reasonable. Totally forgot that Pho Thinh specializes in bun rieu on Saturday’s! Too bad I already had that a few days earlier at Bac Nam, otherwise I would have jumped all over that.


They also sell banh mi’s ($7.00) if you’re in the mood for that but it’s not on their main menu.


The two types of basil they gave us was super fresh and smelled amazing.

Shrimp pho (#10) ($9.50 medium)
DSC05457My sis was craving some pho and opted for shrimp. Like how they offer three sizes (medium, large and extra large) along with being able to choose the exact toppings that you want. All about that customization baby. Even though her bowl was only a medium, it was plentiful for her. She ended up giving me half of her noodles!

Oxtail soup (#75) ($12.50)
DSC05460I remembered reading good things about their house speciality oxtail soup so I went with that. Interestingly, it’s served with a side bowl of rice, which was a first for me. The broth itself was great – sweeter than normal and very clean tasting. Nice level of depth and complexity to it. You’ll want to drink every last drop. The oxtail was tender and fatty.

Solid spot to end our trip on a high note. Happy to have tried out some excellent Vietnamese places in town.

Pho Thinh
2080 S King Street
Honolulu, HI
(808) 947-3638

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