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I was debating between which french bistros to try out during Big Taste – Avec Bistro and Parc Café and Brasserie. Clearly, we went with the former and were hoping that the food would match it’s high rating on Zomato. However, I didn’t realize before we arrived that they were under construction so it was a bit tricky to spot from the road.


Narnia sounds might tempting but I guess happy hour will have to do.


Avec Bistro has regular hours but beware they’re only open for lunch on weekdays.


Took a few photos of their menu posted outside. Love when restaurants do that, very French of them. Reminds me of Montreal. Here’s the lunch menu.


Dinner menu with some feature cocktails and bottles.


Last one is of desserts and digestifs. Beignets for the win! Ooo, they even have Made by Marcus ice cream.


The service was on par but the timing between courses was way off. We easily waited over 30 minutes to get our dessert from the kitchen. If we had to be somewhere, like the table beside us who had a play to attend afterwards, I would not have been a happy camper. We could overhear them debating whether to forget dessert and leave but they ended up staying, wolfing down their dessert and running off. Not sure what was happening that night (it was a Saturday) but for the price ($35.00 Big Taste menu) and AB’s reputation, I expected better.

Roasted beet salad
Candied pecan, chevre noir and shallot vinaigrette. Started things off with a delicious, albeit crazy small amount of beets. We’re talking half a dozen bites, maybe???

Butternut squash soup
Maple candied bacon and speck creme. My friend K went with the other option, which she was 100% stoked about all day. I had a spoonful to try – nothing really pops back into my memory about it.

Roasted chicken
DSC05768Creamy polenta and truffle honey carrots. This was my entree for the night. The polenta had a light, creamy texture but I could taste a bit of gritty texture between some bites. The carrots had a touch of sweetness but the truffle didn’t come through for me. The roasted chicken was disappointing. Three tiny pieces and somewhat dry.

Moules & frites
DSC05767White wine, parsley, shallot and butter. The mussels were nice and plump and went well with the sauce. The fries were missing a sauce/aioli to accompany them and were desperately in need of the deep fryer. Soggy and limp is never good.

Mille feuille
DSC05769Chantilly, vanilla custard and raspberry compote. This isn’t what I normally expect for a mille feuille but maybe that’s just me. I had a bite – we both thought it just okay. It needed to be more flaky, buttery, and better infused with the whipped cream/filling.

Vanilla crème brulee
DSC05771A classic that’s hard to mess up. The top was nicely caramelized and the inside was custardy goodness.

Overall, we were both disappointed with our dinner at Avec Bistro. Can’t see myself coming back anytime soon.

Avec Bistro
#105, 550 – 11 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(587) 352-0964

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