Wing Chicx

It’s been ages since my last visit to Wing Chicx so I figured we’d give it a shot, especially to see how it would hold up against all the new KFC joints that have opened up lately. That and all my go to Korean places were closed Monday.


L and I got there just before the rush and were able to snag a table. I don’t know what Wing Chicx’s deal is but either their layout is terrible or they need to train their staff better because we were asked to move once we had settled down along with another couple to make room for a larger group. Wouldn’t have been an issue but the rest of service was terrible. It’s a rarity that I complain about service but woooooooow, dreadful would be putting it nicely.

There were two waitresses working the front but they were running around like headless chickens. Or maybe they were hiding in the back, I have no idea. Sure, it was busy but it wasn’t packed. I have no idea why/how it was so hard to take our order, re-fill our waters (that didn’t happen), and to process our payment (had to ask multiple times for the bill).

DSC05695Pretty standard stuff. They brought out kim chi, bean sprouts, braised potato and pickled daikon. The potato was the tastiest of the four side dishes. Good luck getting any refills.

Jap chae (#32) ($11.99)
DSC05697Pan stir fried sweet potato noodle with beef and assorted vegetables in their special soy sauce. L’s never had jap chae before and I’ve never had WC’s take on this Korean staple so we ordered it. It was pretty average. I wasn’t a fan of the cabbage that they threw into the mix. Can’t help but compare how much better Korean Grill’s version was.

Original bulgogi beef (1D) ($16.00)
DSC05699Bulgogi beef with mixed vegetables marinated in Wing Chicx bulgogi soy sauce. Again, I wasn’t very impressed. It was almost identical to their jap chae dish except that there was more beef and an unnecessary, excessive amount of cabbage. And seriously, what’s with using the exact same vegetables? I know times are tough with increased food prices but yikes. At $16.00, our most expensive dish, I wouldn’t order it again.

Chicken drumsticks ($10.99)
DSC05698They were out of full chickens (we wanted half a chicken for $15.00) so we settled with their 6 piece drumstick option. These came out PIPING hot. You’ve been warned. The skin is hot, crispy and evenly battered while the inside is tender and juicy. Pretty good but you need to get a side of the sweet sauce to jazz up the flavours. We asked for extra sauce but that never came. Easily the best dish of the night and price is on point. I prefer their half chicken option as you get a variety of cuts and soaks up the sauce better.

Seafood pan fried pizza (8-S) ($12.99)
DSC05700Assorted seafood and mixed vegetables battered together and pan fried. It came without the vinegar soy sauce that usually accompanies seafood pancakes, which they didn’t bring out until we were two thirds done. Of course, we weren’t able to flag them down to tell them this so we gave up and ate it without. Sadly, It NEEDED sauce to save it. The pancake itself was mediocre. Lacked any crispy texture (read: kind of mushy) and the amount of seafood inside was laughable.

Pretty disappointing. This was one of those times where bad service really can affect your food experience. Food was above average but it’s no longer on my list when I’m thinking of going out for Korean food. Too many choices these days to have to settle for mediocrity. If you go, make sure you order the dishes they’re known for doing well and you should be okay.

Wing Chicx
2912 Ellwood Drive SW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 466-2852

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