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If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you know there’s not many places I’ll go for Chinese food. I make an exception for Shanghainese food. I’ve been to Shanghai 456 many times now having taken friends, family and co-workers and they’ve all loved it. If you want a more in-depth review, take a look here.


Hours. Don’t make the mistake of coming on Wednesday – they’re closed.


One of the special menus that I hadn’t seen before during lunch time.

Trip #1
Took Lambo out for lunch and shockingly we had never been here together. They have a couple cheap lunch specials and there were only two of us so we kept it pretty classic.

Fun see ($13.95)
DSC08848Spicy minced pork on glass noodles. I ordered this before (see below) but I couldn’t help myself ordering it for second round. Noodles are bouncy, chewy and springy. So good.

Shredded pork and preserved cabbage noodle soup ($7.95)
DSC08849The broth is simplistic/basic. More along the lines of something your mom or grandma would make at home. No fuss but it comes with a mountain of noodles. It’s cheap and filling.

Xiao long bao (A2) ($6.95)
DSC08850Plump, juicy, XLB is always an order when you come here. It was Lambo’s first time trying them and he loved ’em.

Trip #2
Took J and L out for an early Friday dinner. They’ve never had XLB’s before or Shanghai food for that matter. My mind was blown and clearly I had to do my duty and show them the ropes. That and try a couple new dishes obviously.

Fun see ($16.95)
DSC05688This one is on their special menu but if you want something different and absolutely delicious, order it! Just point to the picture on the menu. These noodles have the perfect, chewy bite. I’d order this again in a heartbeat.

Bok choy (E16) ($11.95)
DSC05689Baby Shanghai bok choy stir fried with garlic sauce. They were out of their green beans with x.o. sauce – HOW is that even possible – so we went with something simple. Sometimes simple is best.

Xiao long bao (A2) ($6.95)
DSC05690Obviously, we ordered two baskets of XLB’s because one is never enough. Each basket contains six of the most plump, juicy, delicious soup filled dumplings you will find in the city. Hands down. Give it a little bath in the vinegar soy sauce and be prepared to be blown away. Always a must order.

House special hot pot (C7) ($21.95 medium)DSC05691Hot pot with homemade fish balls, salty pork belly slices, meat, vegetables and glass noodles. I’ve had this before on another occasion but we wanted something warm to fill our stomachs. This hit the spot with a good variety of vegetables inside (enoki mushrooms, bok choy, tofu, cabbage). The meat itself is meh – too salty but that’s to be expected for this type of dish. However, the broth is flavourful and the glass noodles add that chewy, comforting texture to bring things together.

Wor tip (A3) ($7.50)
DSC05692Pan fried beef dumplings. These came out last but holy crap, it was piping hot. Seriously, Jman burnt his tongue because he couldn’t wait. Excellent crispy dumplings and with a bit of soup inside them as well, watch out.

Sesame balls
DSC05694They always bring something at the end for dessert and this time it was sesame balls with black sesame paste inside. Fresh, hot and gooey. I think L fell in love with this one – she wanted a couple more to take home.

What more is there to say? Each time that I hit up the 456, I’m always happy and get my fill of XLB’s. Order a couple of their staples and then branch out a bit with a new dish or two that you’ve never had before.

Shanghai 456
14456 – 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 451-8333

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