Steel Wheels Pizzeria

Everyone knows about Steel Wheels Pizzeria – it’s a staple when you’re out late on Whyte Ave and want something greasy to soak up all of the alcohol that you’ve consumed during the night. I’ve been here a couple times now (never by choice, haha) and it’s simply what you’d call a grungy, hole in the wall hangout. The booths and walls are lined with graffiti and doodles. It definitely has character, I’ll give them that. This is the spot if you want to pre or post-drink and get late night eats (open 6:00pm to 3:00am err day).


Each time that I’ve visited, there’s always a lineup but it usually moves at a reasonable pace. The menu is split into two: pizza (two for $3.00) and Korean food/snacks.


FYI, the pizza is nasty. I don’t know how people gulf that stuff down but I shudder just reminiscing about the one time I took a bite.


I will give Steelwheels props for the crowd that frequents this spot – it’s always an interesting, eclectic mixture of students and young professionals. You’ll definitely be entertained while you wait for your food.

Spicy squid (#3) ($12.00)
DSC05023On our most recent visit, I introduced M to the wonders of Steel Wheels. She’s never been but that’s because she’s not a local. We decided to try their spicy squid (which by the way, doesn’t come with any rice. In case you were expecting that). The squid was nice and tender with a good level of heat to it. We were both pleasantly surprised. A bunch of vegetables rounded out the rest of the dish (onion, green peppers and broccoli).

Dumplings ($5.00) – you get 7 pieces of dumplings. When we had them, they came out piping hot and to my surprise, they were actually pretty good. Juicy and fresh.

Green onion cake ($5.00) – the green onion cake also came out hot and fluffy. Good enough to make everyone happy.

Bulgogi on rice ($8.50) – beef, broccoli, mushroom, green pepper, bulgogi and rice. My friend couldn’t stop gushing about the ranch sauce so she doused that on both of our meals. I don’t know what the big deal was, it was just ranch sauce. Pretty sure you need to be drunk to appreciate that combo.

Chicken on rice ($8.50) – same as the bulgogi on rice but with chicken instead. I have to say this was a first seeing broccoli in a Korean dish for me. It reminded me of my lunch at Chicken for Lunch. The sad thing with this one was that I asked for really spicy, the lady told me it would be but upon taking my first bites, nada. Hardly any spice for that matter.

I’ve had the tofu soup (#1) a long time ago which I remember being pretty good. Food wise, the best advice I can give is stick with the Korean dishes (avoid the whiteified rice meals) and you’ll be okay. Come here with a bunch of buddies and you’ll have a good time. Soju anyone?

Steel Wheels Pizzeria
10307 – 85 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 439-9978

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