Big Daddy’s Sandwich Co.

Sandwiches seem to be a favourite with the work crowd. Or so it seems to me, with so many shops clustered so close together. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the hype – I have yet to be blown away by any sandwich I’ve had so far in town. Well, I randomly stumbled upon some reviews that claimed Big Daddy’s Sandwich Co was worth checking out. Cheap prices and generous portions? Sounds like a good combo to me.


Their Friday special sounded tasty. Pulled pork on what looked like a cheese bun.


Menu is all about the sandwiches: fresh, subs, donairs and then soups/salads. There’s also a breakfast menu available from 8am to 11am weekdays.


Service is pretty fast and run by a friendly family of Filipinos. They were already out of their beef barley soup (not sure how that happened as we arrived just past noon).

Our famous clubhouse sandwich combo ($13.50)
DSC05674You choose your type of bread (white, brown and multigrain), whether you want it toasted and then can customize what exactly you want for toppings. Options that I remember are tomato, cucumber, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, banana peppers, cheese (three types: swiss, mozzarelo and provolone?), mustard, mayo. They also throw a dill pickle on your tray for good measure.

Tomato beef vegetable
DSC05673Not too much to write home about when it comes to their soup. Pretty standard, pretty generic soup.

Tuna salad sandwich ($8.50)
DSC05675My buddy L went with the tuna salad. Again, pretty standard and simple. The first few bites I wasn’t that impressed as the tuna had a dry, stale texture to it but it got better after those initial bites. Kind of like Parks and Recreation after Season 1. Season 1 starts out impressively unimpressive but after that, it’s dyno-mite.

The hunt continues for the best sandwich in town. If you’re stuck in this area, Sandwich & Sons is probably your best bet. Sorry Big Daddy’s but you need to step yo game up.

Big Daddy’s Sandwich Co.
15039 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-8229

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