Tropical Delight Noodle House

Malaysian has to be one of my favourite cuisines to eat. It seems I always want to hit up Banana Leaf every time I’m in Calgary because there’s nothing like it back in Edmonton. However, they’re not the only Malaysian spot in town as there’s two others that I’ve yet to visit. I’ve known about Tropical Delight for far too long but their out of the way location and tough hours make it slightly difficult for out of town’ers to try.


Well, I finally was able to on a Sunday night before the long, fog filled ride back home. They’re located in a pretty deserted strip plaza where a Petro Canada and 7 Eleven reside. Random but a for sure good sign. This place is the quintessential definition of the word “bare minimum”.


Seriously, there is nothing inside except for three chairs and takeout menus. Pretty unfortunate that there’s no room to sit but it’s probably for the best. The heat inside from all the woks is seriously toasty.

Curry chicken laksa soup (#4) ($10.00)
DSC05633Curry chicken, tofu, egg, lettuce and rice vermicelli. You choose the level of spice you want (from 1 to 10) and I opted for 7. The lady seemed slightly shocked but I assured her I could handle it.


A level 7 has a good kick to it so be prepared, mentally, physically and emotionally. You won’t die from it but your insides might be burning afterwards. I’d probably get a 5 or 6 next time. I like that they actually give you the level of spice that you want and don’t tone it down. Not enough restaurants do that.


As for the laksa, the broth was tasty but not as rich, creamy and complex as Banana Leaf’s laksa. However, the chicken curry was delicious! For $10.00, you get a lot of food – I had enough leftovers to eat the next day.

Wish I could have tried more items to do a better comparison but I can say with ease that I would be back if I wanted Malaysian food to go. It’s great that all their prices include GST already so what’s on their menu is the exact amount you pay! Legit. One last thing – be sure to bring either cash or debit to pay.

Tropical Delight Noodle House
10089 Hidden Valley Drive NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 475-6886

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