Ono Seafood

I’ve been craving poke ever since my last trip to Oahu, three years ago! This is a staple for us whenever we come to visit the island. Soooooo ono.


Two picnic tables outside Ono Seafood’s storefront if you get lucky enough to snag a spot. Otherwise, take it to the beach. Parking is the worst here – three stalls to try and cram into.


8 types of poke to choose from! I’m in poke heaven. Ahi and tako but I always go with ahi – tako poke is just not my thing.


Don’t forget to check out the fridge for some super fresh side goodies.


We went twice during our trip, which says something about how good Ono is. It’s pretty rare for me to ever go to places twice, especially when we’re on vacation.

Seaweed salad ($3.00)
DSC05359We got the seaweed salad both times. Super fresh, crunchy texture, grab one to give your poke bowl some much needed veggie balance.

Shoyu (#1) and spicy ahi (#7) ($9.00 super)
DSC05271Getting the super combo is a no brainer. I’ve had both of these previously but nothing wrong with that. I have to say the spicy ahi is my absolute favourite. The shoyu has limu in it, which is a type of algae/edible seaweed that is native to Hawaii. The texture and flavour takes some getting used to.

Wasabi (#8) and miso ahi (#5) ($9.00 super)
DSC05356Wasabi and miso were new tries for me. I ordered this on our second trip and while both were good, I liked my shoyu/ahi poke bowl more. You’ll be hit with a wave of wasabi upon first bite! It’s not overpowering but the flavour is bold and in your face. Just be prepared for that if you get it. On the other hand, the miso is much more subtle so it was nice to switch between the two flavours.

Haw’n style ahi ($7.00 regular)
DSC05352This is the only style my sis can eat but she loves it. Second time, we asked for less rice and a bit more ahi for her poke bowl and they kindly obliged.

Young coconut drink ($1.00 extra with a poke bowl)
If you like coconut, grab one. Refreshing and even has little bits of coconut at the top when you take your first few sips. It’s only a dollar extra anyways.

This falls into “MUST EAT” territory. My #1 poke stop! If only this existed back in Canada, I would be one happy camper.

Ono Seafood
747 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI
(808) 732-4806

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