It probably seems like I say this every other review but RGE RD has been on my list to try for the past year. Yikes. That’s what happens when you wait for friends that say they want to go but nothing pans out. Well, a special occasion popped up so I figured it was the perfect time/excuse to try them out. Reservations are recommended, especially if you want a Friday or Saturday prime spot, as the only availability for us last minute on a Monday night was at 8:00pm! What the eff. We took it anyways.


There’s no visible signage from the outside but just look for the lime green building packed with cars. The inside is very cozy with a rustic, cabin type feel to it. You definitely feel at ease the moment you walk in the door. Clearly, a lot of thought and care was put into the décor.


Only open during the evenings. Seriously, I wish they were open during lunch! I would probably have been here multiple times already if they were.


Heck, it’s all in the small details. My parents asked for hot water and lemon (it’s an Asian thing) and they were brought Le Creuset cups (faaaaancy). They even thoughtfully left a pot for them to refill at their leisure. The plates come out slightly warm (ahhh just the best). Clearly, RGE RD know how to please. There was only one waitress and expo running the front of the house but both were fantastic. Very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. Service is top notch.


We had some time to peruse the menu (which breaks down into starters, share-ables and entrees) and I was happy to see they have a bit more selection than what you can find on their website. I wanted to get the questionable bits (foie gras pate that night) but it was a too similar to what they were offering on the kitchen board so we skipped it. Same with the wild stew, which consisted of the same meats that we were ordering for our main entrees. I couldn’t convince the parents to try the perogies ($14 for 4 perogies will not fly in Asian culture) but I will have to come back and get it next time.


Dessert menu if you’re curious as it’s not up on the website. We opted out as we had homemade dessert made by yours truly (me!).

Chick peas & charred cauliflower ($15.00)
DSC05524Chick pea puree, kale and onion liqueur. Think a refined, fancy take on hummus with the addition of cauliflower and chick peas. I actually really digged the chick peas, which I’m normally not a fan of on it’s own. Raw, light and healthy.

Kitchen board ($26.00)
DSC05526Kitchen’s selection of meat and cheese. This changes daily but for us, our board consisted of a spicy Hungarian sausage, goose rillettes and two beef sliders with pickled red peppers and onions, pecorino romano, butter crackers and bread. The Hungarian sausage was easily the best thing on the board. The spicy grainy mustard also was bomb. Beef sliders were moist but wish they gave us three so that we each could have had one. The goose rillette was okay but didn’t leave much of an impression on me. Lastly, the butter crackers were crazy good! Think my mom put it best – tastes like a cracker version of a croissant. You can easily eat it on it’s own.

Four whistle farms goose breast ($32.00)
DSC05529Amaranth and squash “polenta”, roasted apple and crispy kale. The goose breast was essentially like duck. My dad thought it could have passed as steak, that’s how tender and delicious it was. The polenta had a great texture to it without feeling heavy. The kicker was the amaranth (read: super healthy Aztec grain) which gave the mixture a “grainy” bite to it. The kale was also nicely done, we wanted more!

Pilatus farms bison ($32.00)
DSC05536Hazelnut spätzle, grainy mustard, charred carrots and currants. Mmmmm spätzle is actually so good. Egg noodles German style. Black currants added a bit of sweetness to the dish. The bison itself didn’t taste gamey but it was perfectly cooked medium rare.

West coast sablefish ($32.00)
DSC05534Tomato, sunchoke, leek, turnip and arugula. What can I say other than the fish was divine. So tender and flaky, this was easily my mom’s favourite dish. The polenta was great. So nice to have all these different types of grains that we don’t normally eat or cook at home.

We enjoyed everything we ordered. All the food is skillfully prepared. There’s a reason why RGE RD has been voted as one of the best places in Edmonton. Now I just need to try the RGE RD trip ($79.00 for six course tasting menu) during my next visit. The perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or to impress a date. It’s a must try if you’re a fine dining enthusiast.

10643 – 123 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 447-4577

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