Marukame Udon

Marukame Udon is legendary in town as their udon noodles are made fresh, daily from scratch. What more could you want? I have no idea how we’ve missed Marukame Udon in our past trips out to the island but I made sure to make a stop this time. We walked by this place almost everyday and there was always a lineup, no matter what time of the day. But don’t fret, the line moves quickly.


Their system is set up cafeteria style so just get in line and while you wait, check out the menu. Prices are dirt cheap and you have a couple different udon selections to choose from. Besides your bowl, there’s tempura and spam masubi if you need more food but trust me, one bowl is more than enough. Interesting that you only get chopsticks to eat your noodles with. No spoon so you gotta drink the broth old school.


Pick your style of udon.


Couldn’t fit all the options in so here’s the other three: kamaage, curry and niku udon.


Look how fresh these bad boys are. Drool.


Add some fried tempura to your bowl if you want.


Curry udon (#16) ($6.25 large)
Marakume7Udon noodles in curry sauce. The bowl is served piping hot and comes with shredded beef and onions. Simple and absolutely delicious. The noodles are soft, chewy pillows of heaven. The broth is just as heavenly with a deep, rich flavour that had me sipping up every last drop. Honestly, the broth was like crack, I couldn’t stop.

If you’re in the Waikiki area, you have no excuses, just gooooo. Bonus – they’re open every day from 7am to 10pm. Don’t miss out on fresh noodles!

Marukame Udon
2310 Kuhio Avenue
Honolulu, HI
(808) 931-6000

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