Auntie’s Chinese Burger

Maaaan, Auntie’s Chinese Burger has been on my Calgary list of eats for awhile. Last time I was in town, we tried to go but was devastated to find out they were closed during a holiday. Lesson learned – always call during holidays, even if it’s on a Monday. Well, I was determined to make it out on my most recent trip, even if I had to go by myself. In a nutshell, this is Calgary’s equivalent to Edmonton’s Noodle Feast. I had to see myself whether Auntie’s Chinese Burger would be on/up to par.


I got dropped off Friday afternoon (around 3:30pm) and it was empty. A couple came in after me but that was it for clientele. Their hours are pretty short (11am – 7pm everyday except Sunday) so they must mainly get the lunch crowd. The lady working the front greeted me and both workers (think it’s a husband/wife combo) are super friendly and gentile. There is hot tea and water up at the front but it’s more of a help yourself kind of a deal (aka. don’t be shy).


The “restaurant” (better described as a hole in the wall) is inside the Far East shopping centre, which also houses Trung Nguyen (banh mi/BBT) and some other typical Asian stores. Inside, there is a TV playing random Asian shows (some robot was throwing basketballs into a net while I was there).



The menu is pretty straightforward – noodles and Chinese burgers (hence their name). Noodles in all their glory – cold noodles, noodles in soup and hand pulled noodles.

DSC05089You get a small bowl of soup as part of your meal. Pretty plain.

Handmade B.B. noodles with lamb (#25) ($11.99)
DSC05088Being only one person is hard (not getting to try multiple dishes always make me sad) but I decided to make the most of it and went with their handmade noodles. These were awesome! Nice flat, wide noodles with a great chewy texture. The cumin spice mixture is just right and they added in some chili oil to give some heat to the dish. A couple bok choy and small bites of lamb rounded things out. If I had one complaint, it’d be that there wasn’t enough lamb in the dish – you had to dig around to find them.


CASH only but you should already know that about Chinatown by now. Can’t wait to come back again to try their cold noodles and soup noodle dishes. If you want real northern Chinese food, check out Auntie’s, I know I’ll be back. One dish and I know this place is legit.

Auntie’s Chinese Burger
#18, 132 3rd Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(587) 955-8661

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