Hazeldean Bakery

Hazeldean Bakery is tucked away in a quiet south side neighbourhood. Located right across from an elementary school and by a diner I’ve never heard of, Red Goose, they seem to be quite well known as people were popping in and out during my visit.

The bakery is run by the sweetest Asian lady. The bakery has an assortment of goodies to take home – a variety of bread, buns, loafs, cookies, cinnamon buns, donuts, etc. She didn’t have any donuts when I dropped by Friday afternoon, which is one of the things they are known for (along with their cinnamon buns). Everything is reasonably priced and made fresh daily. My advice – go early to get the best selection.

BBQ pork bun ($1.75) and coconut bun ($1.75)
I was completely surprised to see that Hazeldean sells a couple types of Asian buns! Obviously, I had to try them. I ate the BBQ pork bun right away (she warmed it up in the microwave for 30 seconds – best eaten slightly warm). A little more pricey than Chinatown but it was tasty and they don’t skimp on the meat to bun ratio. Had the coconut bun a few days later and the coconut filling was plentiful.

Cheese kaiser buns ($3.75)
Cheese buns bring me back to my days of going to the mall during high school to grab pizza buns. These were fluffy with a nice chewy, cheesy bite. Came in a pack of six which lasted us the whole weekend.

Ham, egg and cheese bun ($1.75)
The ham, egg and cheese bun was decent but I ate it cold so it wasn’t as tasty.

Cocoa puffed wheat squares
The cocoa puff was on the house! Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone throw in a freebie in a looooong time. Plus, it wasn’t just me. She gave a mom with two kids a couple free cookies for the kids to enjoy.

All in all, great bakery to check out if you’re in the Argyll area. I have my fingers crossed for next time that they’ll be some donuts for me to chow down on.

Hazeldean Bakery
9627 – 66 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 435-8484

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